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Promote yourself

Discussion in 'Feedback to artists' started by peterpn, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. peterpn

    peterpn Guest

    Promote your band and be a star!!
  2. Patetra

    Patetra Guest

    Good IDEA SIR
    I m Patricia Patetra is my native name I am a Elder of the Chilcoltion Nation working to support independent artists I like to share this anyone or organizationn even this web site can have a free web site to help , by walking together in life we help each other so take my hand and go to zeetche.mp3.ms and enroll for free artist can enroll there band and then each band member We have 2000 sites now and are sponcored by the Francophonie of Quebec Canada
    This project is the The Artist world wide it is a Foundation not for profit and its to has been set up for a life time for the artists to help look after and to share and work together .
    All Michel and I are the wheels to keep it in motion but what is needed is good strong postive people to help anyone can help its a world wide project So how about even afterdawn can help us and when people join this forum they if they feel they like to enrol all the artist s they most welcome Also I m inviting afterdawn to contact me at 1-418-650-84 its a Pager put your area code and ph # or call me at 1-418-646-9117
    or fax 1-644-7670 This a sincere request to help artists and to help after dawn all my lol Elder Zeetche ( Patetra hugs
  3. peterpn

    peterpn Guest

    Thanx for your reply. I will contact you soon Patricia.

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