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ps2 software or xbox

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by kakashi08, May 16, 2004.

  1. kakashi08

    kakashi08 Guest

    hey i would like to ask that is there a software that i can use to burn avi and then play them on my ps2 or xbox, but on xbox without the dvd kit to buy.
    if i download a movie and it is avi or rm or mpg or anything so i can watch the movie or episode on the ps2. i would really be gratefull. thankyouo.
  2. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    A lto of DVD-R's play fine in the PS2 so copying a movie to DVD-R should work. There is also the Ps2 reality player that can play divx but i havent really tried that.

    As for your xbox, im not too big into XBOX but i know u can modify the shit out of it! lol make it a vcd/svcd player and stuff (or even install a whole new OS lol) but you'll have to go to the PS2 and XBOX forums on this site to ask about these things mate!
  3. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    i've tried ps2 reality player.
    there is 2 things i don't like about it.
    1) the developers are not responsible if it damages the PS2. :p heh
    2) i got jittery, sluggish, whatever you might call it, on playback. it could be many things cause it, b-frames ? packed bitstream ? or cd quality ? there is a full guide in Italian? not sure what language. and you can use babelfish for that.

    i would recommend using an xbox to play all those media files. way better than PS2. or get a dedicated hardware player.
  4. kakashi08

    kakashi08 Guest

    can you tell me where to download ps2 reality and Cdgenps2
  5. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    one site i know is down.

    try google. and look for the official site
  6. Räplääjä

    Räplääjä Guest

    I have using reality player(dms3)"long time"in PS2(new cdr/cdrw etc compatible version), works like a charm, no proplems at all. We have xbox also. it cant play cdr etc :(. But anyway, its best to buy a real multiformat dvd player.

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