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psp is better

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by drkstar, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. drkstar

    drkstar Guest

    i own both and trust me the PSP is RADICAL. it has 10x better graphics and functionality than the ds. The PSP is also been out for about a week and it already has 24 games. the ds only has 6-7 and 3-4 suck(SPRUNG<PING PALS<FEEL THE MAGIC<ZOO KEEPER<POKEMON DASK)these games all Suck big time. 90% of psp's games kick a<<. The $100 extra dollars should not hold u back. the psp also holds memory sticks which add an uncomparable new dimesion of game play. the 2 screens on the ds is a crappy gimmick that nintendo uses to pull in 5 year olds. plus who wants pictochat anyway. why write to a person on an annoying smaal screen 20 feet away when u can talk to them??????????????
    GET THE PSP> TRUST ME I HAVE BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Toiletman

    Toiletman Active member

    Jul 8, 2003
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  3. venomX05

    venomX05 Regular member

    Jan 18, 2005
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  4. sljusevi

    sljusevi Guest

    how many of the psp has dead pixels???
  5. drkstar

    drkstar Guest

    it is a factory problem. if it gets damaged or after a while the pixels die
  6. sljusevi

    sljusevi Guest

    is it possible to return it directly to sony need to do this becuse i live in europe and the psp hasent been realesed yet
  7. drkstar

    drkstar Guest

    the psp is not in europe yet, that is crazy. its like they just skipped over europe and went to the us. but i heard from my uncle who often goes there(3-4months a year) that everything there is about 80% more expensive($100 here, $180 there, dont know the amoun of euros)
  8. drkstar

    drkstar Guest

    to answer your question sljusevi, you can always do that. but Sony it top of the line technology and they wont give it cheap. Direct from sony prices are about 50 dollars more(ripp off). A very good solution is the internet. Many on ebay are sent world-wide(strait from Hong-Kong)PLUS, you get a monster deal(but u may need to bid, or buy from the base price). i saw a brand new psp un-open with headphone,a spiderman 2 the whole movie, spiderman 2 the game(full),song changer for mp3's, a 32mb memory for 4-5 songs and your gamesaves, a pouch(perfect for protecing your screen when on the go), a 200 page manuel,and a bunch of movie trailors.THIS IS A HUGE DEAL, A $310 DOLLAR VALUE FOR ONLY $235.But the downside is u cant buy a warrenty. i got mine from a store and i bought the warenty because if u look at the psp, it looks sturdy but when u hold it it is very fragile. if it is in ur pocet the analog stick may break off(rare occasions)
    if i were u i would buy it off ebay or some other website.Thanks for letting me help.(I have the psp and ds)
  9. sljusevi

    sljusevi Guest

    thank you for your help i think i am gonna buy it from a
    japenesse website one more question do you know any
    god website that ships international except ebay? i am
    not gonna buy it from ebay cuz i want a warrenty ? i was
    thinking eb games becuse in sweden they have relly
    good prices but the shipping to sweden was relly a ripp

    why cant i liive in america whhhhhyyyyyy
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 2, 2005
  10. sljusevi

    sljusevi Guest

    dame i youst called swedish customs they said that they will take 25% in taxes if i ship from japan or america but if i buy one from europe they will only take 10%

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