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put subtitles in DVD

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by frocha, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. frocha

    frocha Guest

    How can i put subtitles in a DVD movie so it to see in any DVD reader. I'm ripping the movie using the smart ripper and re-mpeg manual

    Thank you
  2. neil_sue

    neil_sue Guest

    don't delete them while using smartripper or ifoedit ( in ifoedit on vob extras when checking strip streams dont uncheck subpicture of the relevant language that you require.) By the way try using dvddecryptor for your ripping as this i find is better ( some people would differ ) good luck !!
  3. geemix

    geemix Guest


    Which authoring package do you use? If it is Maestro, see my other post/reply about subtitles in this section of the forum.
  4. tgalaj

    tgalaj Member

    Aug 7, 2002
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    Are talking about Spruce Tech "DVDmaestro"? Who can afford $37,750 (yes, over thirty seven THOUSAND) product?
    http://www.dvdinsider.com/industry/premastering/systems.asp is selling the product. For that price it better take care of the subtitles! I would also expect it to fix my breakfast and milk the cow...
    Unless there is another DVDmaestro on the market. Let us know!

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