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PVR Computer/HTPC

Discussion in 'Home Theater PC' started by awesomejt, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. awesomejt

    awesomejt Member

    May 9, 2003
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    I'm not sure my box qualifies as a HTPC, but it is a nice setup.

    Athlon 1.1 GHtz
    512 MB RAM (PC 133)
    WinPVR 350 (using S-Video in)
    ATI Radeon 64 DDR ViVo
    60 GB HD (for OS and programs)
    120 GB HD (for video, tv)
    Reciever: Sony Sat B55
    (controlled from the computer via a standard serial cable -- DB9-DB9, male-female).
    TV Capture: SnapStream 3.3
    Editing: Pinnacle Studio 8.10.4
    DVD Burning: Sony 500AX

    I'll use this box when I'm at home for desktop usage (if I don't have something scheduled to record). Since SnapStream has a nice TV schedule website -- I can schedule recordings remotely. It does most recording while I'm asleep at night or when I am at work. My only problem is I'm recording faster than I can watch and delete or archive to DVD. Sorta a good problem to have.
  2. jca27

    jca27 Guest


    I'm trying to get my HTPC working as well. My only issue is the TV-out quality. I'm using S-video cable from a matrox card to a regular CRT TV.

    Did you run into any quality issues? My picture is a tad blurry compared to normal TV.
  3. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Thats what happens when you take an ultrasharp computer image and convert it down to a TV 's level
  4. fdwho

    fdwho Member

    Jan 22, 2004
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    I have the same problem. Your TV is probably HD-Ready and has component video inputs. You should be able to get clear graphics and text when using the component inputs. The problem is in using S-Video.
    This is most likely the key to our problem.
    I have just purchased an XFX FX 5200 Personal Cinema card. It has a DVI output and a DVI to VGA adapter. Problem is it doesn't have a DVI to Component Video adapter.
    I have found cables that go from DVI to Component Video on the net and have located an ATI adapter that does the same. Problem is....The XFX support people don't have a clue as to if this will work. I think it will because my card has the DVI-I connector which should support both digital and analog.
    If you get a solution, please let me know!


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