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Quesiton on dvd2xbox

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by imy0uh3r0, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. imy0uh3r0

    imy0uh3r0 Guest

    I have been using dvd2xbox to rip games to the hard drive and some work and some dont. Halo 2 seems to be the newest one that wont work. Basically I get the HALO 2 screen where it says to hit start. Once i hit start, it freezes. What is funny though, is that if i just dont hit start and let the music play it will play the demo movie thing. Anyone else have this happeneing? There are other games i have that freeze at the start screen as well, MK Deception is one that comes to mind right now. This leads me to believe it might be a fixable problem. I have included my specs below. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Thanks.

    Xenium Ice
    Evolution X - M8 Bios
    dvd2xbox v0.5.9
  2. Cippy

    Cippy Guest

    What date is your xbox showing? i.e. ??/??/????. I know of someone who had the same problem with their's and we managed to fix it. The year was some rediculous number 8907 or something like that. If your clock is showing a year like that, change it to the current time and year. Also the clock will always reset to that time if you unplug your xbox for long periods of time. The latest version of DVD2XBOX is now 0.6.1, so try to get that version and see if that works.

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