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question on 2 ipods and one comp

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by jimcreedx, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. jimcreedx

    jimcreedx Guest

    i have an ipod video, and im thinking about getting the ipod shuffle for working out. my question is about syncing the shuffle. when i plug it into my comp, what will happen w/ itunes. will i get a new (blank) i tunes screen or will the shuffle try and sync to my current itunes page. what im hoping is it will be easy to sync songs over to my shuffle w/o syncing every song on my list. can anyone help me here?
  2. gabyk

    gabyk Guest

    i think you'd better not use auto-sync, but manually adding the files to the shuffle. If you want to easily manage your ipods, you can utilize the tools like SPAM, this kind tools support transferring files easily between multiple ipods.
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  3. edisonliu

    edisonliu Guest

    ok : prodigy box II for ipod vedio & nano 3th can recorder .
  4. edisonliu

    edisonliu Guest

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