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questions about mods

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by mikebates, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. mikebates

    mikebates Guest

    ok I am new to the mod world very new I just got my x box and want to mod it to play back up games Xbox live not that big of deal I been told to get a mod that dose not need a boot disk so I was wanting to know what mod you all suggest and why I have a DVD room and DVD burner on my comp but it seems as I copy the game from the Xbox not on my comp rooms is this true and what program is good to use clone cod or Nero thanks for your help remember I never moded before so please give detail on what I need to do thank you for all the help
  2. snowbdrtk

    snowbdrtk Member

    Oct 22, 2003
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    If you are a new to all of this I would suggest either the Chameleon or the X 2.2 Lite + because those are both no Soder. Nero is the best burning program I have used and is used by others, xbox-scene.com will have the specs you need to set to make xbox backups.
  3. mikebates

    mikebates Guest

    i been told the new xbox cannt use the no soder mods how can you tell witch ver xbox i have
  4. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    The easiest way is by MFG date. It will get you close. Newer Xbox's you won't be able to tell for sure until you open it.

  5. mikebates

    mikebates Guest

    RustyDog --
    my x box mfg 8-15-2003 so mine is real new so what mod chip do i need keep in mind im new to modding and need it to be eazy i do have a place to install the mod but all the stuff that comes after that i need help with
  6. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    I'd be 99% sure your XBox is a v1.5 then since the MFG date is Aug 2003. Could be a v1.4 but they were only made for about a month or so.
    Right now I would recommend either the Chameleon or X2 plus chips. You will also need 2 extra wires soldered from the motherboard to the LPC on the v1.5 XBox so even the solderless chips aren't completely solderless anymore. You'll also need to use the EvoxM7 bios.

    Once the chip is installed and reflashed with the M7 bios then just use either Team Xaviers or Slayers installer to set u the harddrive.


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