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Questions for the Ahead software person on this forum

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by x24val, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. x24val

    x24val Member

    Jun 28, 2004
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    I produce my own videos and have had a nightmare-ish time burning functional DVDs recently. I usually produce very short video 3 to 15 minutes and my burning success has been good for such projects.

    The latest:

    I produced a 33 minute memorial video for my father. The 3 photo montage videos were finished first (TT: 12 minutes) rendered to DV-Avi in Adobe Premiere, then successfully transcoded/burned to DVD with Nero. No problem! I later did an edit of the video from the memorial service (TT: 21 minutes) and edited in the 3 photo/music videos (TT: 33 minutes)... I spent the next two days making coaster!!!! As I tried to commit this 33 minute production to disc. THe only thing that worked in the end was to split the DV-AVIs into two segments that transcoded to less then .99gb VOBs, then have the two titles/halves play back to back. After I did that it burned perfectly, but the finished video had an ugly pause in it.

    In trying to burn the uncompromised DV-AVI version I tried 4 different DVD formats/brands.

    1.Why do all my Nero DV-AVI to VOB transcodings get broken up at .99 GB? Is that normal?

    2.Can this VOB size limit be fixed/stopped?

    3.Is this "breaking up" the reason I couldn't make a functional DVD? (although they all worked on a computer)

    Finally, I'd like to have chapters, but when I try to create chapters internally, not chapters on the menu. Can this be done in Nero.

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  2. vurbal

    vurbal Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 30, 2002
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    I assume you mean ccampbell when you say "the Ahead software person" but I'll answer anyway ;)

    1. The DVD-Video specification requires that individual VOB files be no bigger than 1GB. This just means Nero is doing things by the book.

    2. I don't use Nero so I can't help with this one.

    3. Sounds like it.

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