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rapid burn-in?

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by timeistim, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. timeistim

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    Jan 9, 2007
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    Basically, this is what's going on: a couple days before New Years, my dad got me a brand-new TV. It's a 30" LG Superslim widescreen, not a plasma or anything but still a big step up from my old one. The problem is, I've grown to resent it. After only a couple days of use, it's already got some sort of burn-in or something (in fact, I noticed this the very second day).

    Basically there are dark, vertical lines on the screen, not dark enough to show up normally, but during an all-white screen or a brightly colored, scrolling screen they're easily noticeable. For example, they show up a lot playing FFXII. After the first hour or two of playing with the TV, I set it at the "video games" preset for both games and movies, and a few days later fine-tuned it more, actually ending up with the brightness and contrast much lower than any of the presets (current contrast is 20).

    This really irks me, because none of my activities should have causes such immediate and lasting results. For example, I've watched a total of one movie with the 4:3 ratio setting, and the rest was at "horizon" or 16:9, yet two of the dark lines are at the exact cut-off point for the black sidebars, and those areas of the screen are also a bit lighter than the rest (enough to notice in an all-gray screen). Plus the most noticeable dark area is somewhere that I'm not sure what could possibly have caused it. It might be about where the fiery bar displaying your ranking in Burnout: Revenge was (that's the only game I played for the first few days), but that bar is only around like 10% of my total playing time, and we've been watching movies too.

    The only other issue is that the TV sometimes lags, always when playing games so far (this is not lag from my PS2, unless it's reacting to the TV, because it never did that before and it's happened every day since). Does anybody have any suggestions for fixing the problem? It's very inconvenient for me to try to return/replace it, since I don't have a car (this was a Christmas present from my dad, and we got it when he was visiting). It really takes all the fun out of getting a new set, and while I was initially overjoyed to be able to experience my games with better sound and bigger and better picture, and this problem sort of killed it.

    I just came up with another theory that the line on the left may be partially from the edge of the "menu" screen, since I was on there quite a bit trying to tweak the picture. Still, I didn't spend a whole lot of time doing that, comparatively, and it shouldn't have had that effect so immediately and lasting, right?

    My only other issue is a buzzing noise that the TV has been making when it turns on, which SEEMS to be louder during the first half-hour of use, but I'm willing to accept that as just my imagination or the standard noise. I only include it here in case it will help bring about a solution to my major issues.
  2. emachine

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    Only thing to do is take it back man. I mean you don't want a tv with burn in problems maybe try to get cash or a different model or something.

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