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Rare aspect ratio problem in VirtualDub

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by elba, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. elba

    elba Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I guess I'm helpless, so please if you know what should I do help me out.

    I got from a studio uncompressed AVI files(originals were on digitbetas) that were exported from Adobe Premire 2.0 Pro.
    These are films and their file sizes are about 20Gigs.

    Now I want to compress these AVIs in VirtualDub or VirtualDubmod..and here is my problem:
    VirtualDub doesn't recognize the avis' aspect ratios...the films are deifintely 16:9 PAL 720x576, but virtualdub shows 4:3, and even I use the resize filter the exported and compressed avis are in 4:3...so I don't know what should I do to correct it..

    That's what Gspot and VirtualDub say:

    Help it is really ASAP
  2. elba

    elba Guest

    Ok guys..I guess I was just panicing beacuse of the deadline....
    720x576 is not 16:9 but 720x405 is.

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