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RCA 8005N Locks Up When Recording

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by tafkam, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. tafkam

    tafkam Guest

    Hi, I am new to the DVD recording thing and this is my first one. I got a new RCA DRC 8005N yesterday, hooked it up and when I tried to record something it recorded for about half hour or so and then the screen went white and the unit locked up, had to actually unplug it to get the disc out. I powered back up and put the disc back in and it said "format dsc" but I see no instructions in the manual to format the disk, then this message went away and I tried again, same issue, but this time it locked up with the actual picture from the sat box.

    Huh, had to unplug, etc again. Tried again and it recorded for about 45 minutes this time, then the white locked screen again. Unplug once again. I reset the unit using the "push power and stop buttons" and am testing again right now but I don't have high hopes. The only disc I have been using is the one that came with it, a Verbatum DVD+RW. I don't have any other discs to try right now. I have read on a few forums about this brand and even others that lock up occasionaly, but this is silly I can't even record a one hour show. Anybody else have this issue? I am kind of screwed as I got it off of eBay, it was brand new in the factory box and had not been used or unpacked as far as I can tell. However the seller said they would take it back if it did not work (well maybe they will honor this or not) but if I get another one I don't want to run into the same problem.

    Is this common since these things are still kind of new or do I just have a "dud"? Any insight would be much appreciated!!!!! Oh yeah, I did experiment trying to use different recording speeds and it really did not matter if I was using the highest quality or "normal" which is about 4 hours on a disk.
  2. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    Hey tafkam. Your rca drc 8005n sounds like it might be a dud. You have the right format "+". Since you only have 1 rw disc, verbatim "my favorite" you could try another + rw or +r disc. It could be just a bad disc. Bad media is #1 problem for stand alone and pc dvd burning. If you buy store media, maxell and tdk aren't too bad. Just stay away from memorex and store brand media like staples. I hope this might help you. I am an avid ebayer. later
  3. tafkam

    tafkam Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I got lucky, I contacted the seller and already got my money back. Now I think if I get another one I will get it at a retail store if I have any problems. Maybe one of the 139.00 ones at Sams. I did try some new TDK +RW in the RCA and had the same issues so hopefully it was just a "dud" as you say. Too bad, it was really a nice unit. I know RCA is not the greatest brand in the world now but I have always liked their simple menu systems when it comes to VCR recording (direct input of numbers being my number one attraction) But, all I really need it for is to record ER and maybe another show once a week since I am at work at that time. I am just getting another VCR for now and will do some further research into these DVD recorders. I just want one that is reliable no need for fancy options.

    Thanks again
    Mike G

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