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reason for this error ???????

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by jinky67, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. jinky67

    jinky67 Guest

    First of all,Hi guys, just got a new dvd writer {pioneer 109},im planning to use it for various things, but already ive hit a problem, im guessing you guys may be hearing from me quite regulary in the coming weeks.

    Just to make sure my writer was actually woking ok, i tried just a simplejob, i transfered a few of my important folders from my hard drive and some of my albums on to a dvd.

    Everything went fine, although it did take longer than i was expecting it too, about 13mins for just over 4gig of data, i do only have a p3600 though, will this effect the rate of the transfer ?

    Anyway, before i deleted some of the file off my hdd to make space, i checked to see if the dvd was working { & thank god i did} when i put the dvd in the drive and double click or try and explore i get this message

    'E:\ is not accessible.
    Incorrect function.

    What does this mean, whats causing it ?

    p.s. Right before it started burning i got a prompt saying somthing *like this..., 'this dvd will be written as a multisession and may not work on some dvd drives or anything lower than winxp' .'how do you want to continue?'...'continue with multisession' or 'do not create multisession', i chose 'do not' i think.

    If it helps my spec is, p3660,256ram,win xp,pioneer 109 dvd writer, geforce fx5200 card.

    Hope yous may be able to shed some light on this one for me. Thanks.
  2. jinky67

    jinky67 Guest

    Hello again, forgot to ask.

    If im going to be using this dvd player for putting movies onto dvd to watch on my dvd player etc, and other general usuage.What are the essential programs and tools i will need ?

    Sorry if all this is clearly posted elsewhere, i dont have alot of time to rowse through the forums due to work.

    Thanks again.
  3. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    I can't tell you much on transferring data from the many different formats to ISO to be placed on a dvd,sorry, I have no need for that right now.

    Dvd Movies, If you want to backup those original dvd's so you can lock those originals away for safe keeping, Then I can help you.

    Downloading movies off the net,again not my thing.

    This is the right place for dvd backups. All you need is:

    Rippers: Like dvd shrink and dvd decrypter. Also anydvd works very good in the background to help pull of those newer encryptions.Shrink and decrypter are both free, anydvd has a free trial.

    Compressing: Ah that is where dvd shrink comes through. It will compress those dvd-9 movies into 1 or 2 stand dvdr's or 1 dual layer disc.

    Burning: dvd decrypter has a burn engine. Nero is another highly rated burn engine,which I prefer and they both can be set up for dvd shrink to automatically burn after the encoding to your hard drive. You can get a free trial of nero for 30 days.

    These are high quality programs and most of them are free. Check out some great guides here: http://home.comcast.net/~bbmayo/index.html
  4. laddyboy

    laddyboy Regular member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    As to the multisession reference, that was apparently the setting checked at the time of burning. Multisession means data can be written to the disk on more than one occasion or session. The disk is not closed so some players cannot access the data. Track at once and/or Disc at once are the settings used to write and close the disk. Closing the disk creates a recognizable table of contents indicating where data is written on the disk. Your choice of "Do not" was the correct one.

    As to your big question regarding the incorrect function error, what software are you using? Roxio Easy CD Creator, Nero? There was a known problem with the Roxio software that caused this message. Updating the software corrected it. Can the drive read other disks OK? If so, then there is probably a problem with the disk you burned and not with the drive.

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