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Discussion in 'Safety valve' started by matt72, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. matt72

    matt72 Regular member

    Mar 28, 2005
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    Hi all,

    Since I am a relatively new member trying to help and give back what has been 'handed' to me I have a few comments. As a newbie I came in thinking I knew it all using dvd xcoy platinum until they went belly-up. Now I know alot more about blank media, burn speeds, programs, etc. Anyway what I'm saying is when a new member enters the forum and their request for help, lack of info is it not our job as junior, senior and higher to get as much info to help them get the proper info? I for one ask those initial questions and sometimes in a subtle way get them to think as 2 senior members did me (aka the ty and verb masters). Some ask complex questions as if they have read the forum rules but I suspect they are 'others' trying to figure out how css protection is circumvented. Anyway I suggest we all be cordial and as stated many times leave the moderating and the tongue lashing to the appropriate personnel. Sometimes I feel bad as i didn't necessarily get that treatment and I don't think others should be subjected to it. If you are not willing to help, assist or direct to a reliable source just remember alot of folks are just getting into the realm of using their pcs for backups. Treat others as you wanted or would like to be treated. Some new folks in fact have a wealth of knowledge and surely makes the folks who have been around here for awhile smile that they come in and have potential to add positive expertise to the site. Just a few thoughts from a junior member who soaks up everything he can (damn if i don't get mixed u at times). Feedback from anyone who reads this will be appreciated as we should fix and address this at the bottom so the seniors, addicts and mods can stick to administrative duties and run the site. Already a respected member of the community has left...lets not make a habit of making their job more frustrating causing anymore to leave. Once again I'm just speaking my mind and hope to get feedback whether positive or negative.
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