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Record TV onto Pc

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by gossard, May 31, 2007.

  1. gossard

    gossard Guest

    Hi guys,I have searched a long time here but most threads on this are old so please allow me to post and ask a few questions.

    1. What hardware do I need to record TV onto my PC e.g. hauppage TV Tuner Card - any other better types or specific models or things to make sure are included in the hardware?

    2. What software do I need to capture TV, set timers to record, specify format to record in e.g. Nero or some open source software.

    3. Can I burn said TV programs to DVD to watch on other TV's?

    Thanks Guys.

  2. zeiram

    zeiram Guest

    the easiest way is not through a tuner card but more through a piece of hardware.I bought an LG RC 195 its a dvd recorder/video cassette recorder.You can record tv to a dvd disc and then once the disc is finalised, edit it through or watch it on your pc .I also have a tuner card in my pc but it doesnt compare to this method


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