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recording audio via audio in

Discussion in 'Audio' started by xrm454, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. xrm454

    xrm454 Guest

    I'm fixing my church's computer. and they have asked me if I can help set it back up to record the services.
    The people who did it before arent around, and the hard drive is crashed. I am looking for suggestions as to what program(s) to use. We want to be able to burn to cd that can play in all regular cd players. I think wma format does this? I'm not sure, I mainly do dvd and all my players play mp3 including my car so i use mp3. any help would be appreciated i hope to be burnin next weekend, Thanx Jeff
  2. xrm454

    xrm454 Guest

    Also I use the new nero. so I would like something that doesnt conflict
  3. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    Hi, when you say 'record the services' I take it you mean there is no video involved?
    Something like CDex is a simple (and free) program that will record a WAV from analog input.
    If you wish to burn compliant CDs, record in WAV with 44.1KHz sample rate.
    CDex will also record to compressed audio formats, for those who are squeezed for HD space, but this will not help make compliant CDs :)
    CDex is a simple, sturdy program
    but is not particularily specialized to do this...
    Once you get the hang of recording and burning WAVs, perhaps you could then invest in some real fancy recording software.
    Any burning software (like Nero) wants compliant WAVs in 44.1 PCM Redbook audio format, from which to author CDs. I hear even Roxio can do it ;-)
    WMA is a proprietary Microsoft compressed audio format. Do not record in a lossy compressed format.
    This format would then need to be de-compressed into a compliant WAV to be burned to CD: not a good plan.
    (CD-burning software will attempt to shield you from this conversion, happily accepting WMA files to make CDs from - you must be aware.)
    Just record in WAV, if you want to make CDs, right from the start.
    You can then later compress these WAVs into MP3 or Vorbis or whatever, as you wish, for archival storage or a whole "Month o' Sundays" on one CD :)
    Hope this helps,
  4. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    I use [bold]Jet Audio Basic[/bold] (also free) to record analog sound using my PC. I have made a guide using this app. It will record using several lossy and lossless codecs including: Wave, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, and Monkeys Audio (MP3 is only supported if you pay for the full version!).

    Link to Diaboloses Jet Audio guide:

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  5. xrm454

    xrm454 Guest

    thank you will try these. space isnt a problem yet just installed them a 160 gig and plan on backing up on dvd's to keep hd free. video is something i am looking at in the near future. they are feeding video to another room and want to tie into that and do dvd's on the service also.

    funny how god puts things into our lives, in this case putting my burning desires to good use lmao

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