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Recording Video Games?

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by AdamVogt, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. AdamVogt

    AdamVogt Guest

    hey everyone...i need some advice. ok i want to play on my xbox and be able to record live video on my computer...you know to like make movies of it and things...anyways, i bought a hauppage win tv capture card and hooked everything up but the results wer'nt so good. the quality was pretty poor and also when I was playing there was some lag (i mean that when id push a button on the controller, the reaction on the live video i was watching on the moniter was delayed, making it near impossible for me to play) So im just looking for some suggestions on whats a good capture card, whats the best price, why is the quality poor, etc. thanks for any information you have.

    p.s.-im pretty new to the whole concept of video capture so try to keep it simple ;p

    also my computer is about average i guess...40 gb hard drive, 1.2 ghz, 256 ram, win xp...thanks again
  2. pfh

    pfh Guest

    If I understand you right, then you are going to get lag esp. w/ your comp. specs.
    You are capturing the xbox picture going from xbox->tv->pc??
    One thing for sure- you're not going to get a better picture on the pc monitor than what's on the tv. And 2- the output from xbox is designed for tv's. It's propriatary nature adds to some complications to your intentions.
    First thing to do is determine the format of the xbox output then you would have a better idea of how to handle it if at all. That's all I can add since i've only messed with convering vhs and camcorder stuff.
  3. AdamVogt

    AdamVogt Guest

    I never figured out what output the xbox had but I did find a solution...I hooked the xbox up to a vcr with both output and input, plugged the xbox into the input, and the vcr up to my computer. then i just plugged the coaxel into my tv, and now i can play xbox on my tv, while its recording on my computer...even better than what i wanted, thanks for the help though.

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