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Rectifying a Corrupted Video File???

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by harry2006, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. harry2006

    harry2006 Guest

    Hello Frndz.Is there any software available to rectify/heal a corrupted video file so that it will run smothly without creating any annoyance.B'coz some times the system gets hanged when trying to play these kind of corrupted files .If any software is available ,please let me know frndz as I'm having a diff time trying to solve this .Please help me.Thank you very much.
  2. zeiram

    zeiram Guest

    i dont know if i'd pay for this but you never can tell if it works...


    'The Hype'

    Divx Avi Asf Wmv Wma Rm Rmvb Fixer(Video Fixer) Tutorial

    Avi Repair,Asf Repair,Divx Repair,Rm Repair,Wmv Repair,Rmvb Repair,Wma Repair all in one software.

    Step by Step
    -- Add and Remove Movies
    -- Start fixing
    -- Fixing State
    -- Hot keys

    Video Fixer is a handy tool that help you one click to repair divx avi asf wmv wma rm rmvb files which can not be played or dragged.
    Video Fixer can repair files which are not completely downloaded from http ftp rtsp mms and so on.
    After being repaired, these files can be played fluently and dragged at your will.
    Video Fixer also can repair the divx avi asf wmv wma rm rmvb files that can't be dragged while they are playing.
    After being repaired, these files can be dragged at your will.
    Video Fixer has another function that it can try to repair partly damaged and corrupted divx avi asf wmv wma rm rmvb files.
    The repaireded files can skip the damaged data block, and continue to play.
    When palyers such as Mediaplayer and realplayer hint that the multimedia file can't be played or it has been damaged,you can try to use the Video Fixer to repair the file.
    The repaired files by Video Fixer can be opened by multimedia edit software such as VirtualDub to be further processed.
    The rate of success in the fix has reached 80% to 90%

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