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region 1 to region free

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by andyman0, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. andyman0

    andyman0 Guest

    Hi all.Has anyone had this prob?.Tried backing up a region 1 dvd to play on all regions,now in the past this has not been a prob.Used dvd shrink and the end product results in a perfect back up and region free thus letting me play the back up on my pc and dvd player downstairs...UNTILL i`ve tried this latest region 1 dvd.Dvd shrink backs it up without a prob.I check the settings to make sure region free is checked and away it goes,but when i try to play it in my region 2 dvd player it says "This disc is not formatted to play in this region"Never had this prob b4 an it`s really p*****g me off.Anyone with any ideas all would be greatefully recieved.Thanks in advance
  2. andyman0

    andyman0 Guest

    WOW....No offers of advice or help.Mmmmm Thanks anyhow

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