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Region-free my Pioneer 105

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by SabreLord, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. SabreLord

    SabreLord Guest

    Hi there good ppl,

    Is therre a way that I can make my pioneer 105 read DVDs from all regions without me having to update the firmware.

    I have DVD Genie but that still does not make it region free.

    I want to play region 3's and 2' on my WinDVD but that becomes fixed after 5 circulations.

    Forgot to mention I am only after free ways of doing this i.e. solutions which mean I can use some free software and not have to pay for a package like Regionfree.

    Thanks in advance,
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  2. koola

    koola Guest

    AnyDVD will make your drive region free.

    It could be free if you [bold]ask[/bold] and look hard enough!
  3. Oriphus

    Oriphus Senior member

    May 31, 2003
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    Also Region free (downloadable from afterdawn) will do the trick. I think you can also get it at http://www.dvd-backup.tk
  4. SabreLord

    SabreLord Guest

    I want a solution that is simple and free.

    I might just upgrade the firmware from 1.30 to a 1.30 RPC-1 patched. Last time I upgraded the firmware to Gradius 1.33 it totally fxxked it up and couldn't back up DVDs properly.

    The only simple solution I think is a firmware one. I tried Region Killer then put a region3 DVD into my 105 and it sodding locked into region3 even though region killer said there were 3 more changes available before lockdown.

    DVD Genie only works on RPC-1 DVD players and not on my RPC-2 105. I will put in firmware 1.30 patched and hope for the best.

    I have heard lots of reports that 1.33 can screw up a pioneer 105, as it did for me but for some ppl it is the dog bollox. I suppose at the end of the day it depends on system settings, OS, Specs etc.

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