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Registry problems

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by Javafriek, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Javafriek

    Javafriek Guest

    I think my registry is messing up cuz when I rebooted this morning my ad-watch monitor was telling me that attempts to change my registry values was occuring. I blocked them all but now some of my path names are messed up and programs are not opening. I don't know if it's a virus or not but it's not letting me open System Restore so I had to play with it until I was able to use the "open with" command and opened System Restore with System Restore by pointing to where the .exe file was located in Windows. After using System Restore it still has the same registry altering attempts as last time and even if I block them it still messes up all my exe files. I can't open anything on my desktop or start menu programs. The only way I was able to open my internet connection and firefox is if I open it quickly after a system restart. I've tried AVG Full system scan and it found nothing, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks.
  2. bluecoal

    bluecoal Guest


    I am a little hesitant on this one. I had a family member with a problem that sounds very similar to this. I had them run vundofix and it hung the system so it would only boot in safe mode - they decided to work on reinstalling the os-I've had no additional feed back.

    Their hijackthis log showed a combination of virtumonde, some trojans, and I think smitfraud.

    No guarantees on what will happen on your system.

    Tutorials for vundofix and smitfraud fix:


    But I think I would try this first:

    You can try steps 8,9,11,and 14 here:


    Using atf cleaner and superantispyware.

    Vundofix log at c:\vundofix.txt
    Smitfraud log at c:\rapport.txt or log, I can't remember which.

    Hope this helps.


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