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Remember to log out

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by attar, Oct 6, 2013.

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    That is pretty old news. For the last 18 months server side attacks have been on the rise. They infect your computer with undetectable botnets.

    Invisable malware AD

    They attack you from web pages and one of the popular infection methods is using iframes
    You will need to cut and paste the AD link process fails on this one.

    iframe attack articles

    After your OS is known, all your saved passwords are uploaded. This may be completed before the web page is displayed. You will also have new malware before you leave the page. These have the ability to cut a hole in your firewall and install an IP tunnel in that hole. Once infected your computer isn't yours any more. Most of the new wave malware is smart enough it does not tax your computers resources so you would notice a problem.

    The only fix is to format your drive then re-image or reinstall.

    You can prevent infection by either having a great firewall and refuse fragmented packets, run deep packet scanning etc. or as 2Old suggests use K9. K9 does for the web as real time scanners do on your computer. The page is scanned before you open it. Sophos also has a commercial package but that is not for personal use.

    Never save passwords, keep yourself logged in or keep FTP info for the sites to steal.
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