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Removing HP recovery partition and reinstalling os?

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by roonie89, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. roonie89

    roonie89 Member

    Jan 8, 2008
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    Guys a little help..
    I just bought a new laptop HP Probook 4530 ...It has windows 7 home premium preinstalled 64 bit os..But a problem is der are three partitions
    1- C: (275gb)-primary partition
    2- DHp recovery-16gb)-primary partition
    3- EHp tools-5gb)-primary parition
    4-System drive-300mb-primary partition

    Now i need the c drive to have only 60 gb and want to split it up into another drive with 200gb or so..but since it already has 4 primary partitions , the next drive becomes a dynamic drive..i want it as a primary parition incase i wanna install xp..

    So i am planning to reformat all with the original key of windows os given at the back side of laptop and i dont want any hp recovery parititions..Is the reovery paritition really necessary ?..and also the hp tools?..can i install all the required drivers from the hp site?...
    and also is the key given at the backside is only for 64bit os of windows 7 home premium or i can change it to 32bit os,?..
    also i dont have any required disk of windows 7 cd to install , can i download it from net and install with the original key given?..

    Please someone help me

    I wanna make a fresh install with
    c drive only 60 gb and remaining other drive

    Waiting for reply
  2. 1nsan3

    1nsan3 Regular member

    Apr 23, 2007
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    first off the recovery partition is when your system crashs, and wont boot, u can boot into the recovery, and reinstall your system like when ya first got it.

    you cannot use a 32 bit key on a 64 bit version of windows, it might work andmight not, but will come up later as an invalid operating system later.

    usually you can create recovery discs then wipe your partitings etc,
    I would just in case , so you always atleast knowing you have a working legal version of windows.

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