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Removing Video

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by asiv009, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. asiv009

    asiv009 Member

    Nov 8, 2004
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    Im not sure if this is in teh right thread but it sounded about right... can anyone help me or guide me in the right direction to removing video from rips to save space on teh dvd??? I use dvd shrink and have it set to remove any misc. subtitles and audio and i even manually remove sudio of stuff i dont want but the video is where i really wanna go... Dvd shrink doesnt allow ths but what otehr software is there out there thats as easy to use??? PM me if needed thanks
  2. fasfrank

    fasfrank Active member

    Oct 15, 2003
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    Hi asiv009,
    DVD Shrink can remove parts of the Video. Say for example you wanted to remove a 30 second portion from a given chapter, DVD Shrink can do that. You will not have any working menus though because this method involves using the Start/End Chapter select feature which is only available if you re-author your movie.

    The basic procedure is to process the movie and then select re-author. Drag the main title into the compilation window, and then select the Start/End Chapter select feature. It is the two opposing blue arrows above the compilation window.

    If, for example you wanted to remove a scene from chapter 6, just use the chapter select drop-down menus to select chapter 6 and then use the sliders and buttons to get to the beginning cut point.

    What you are doing is removing all the movie past the point where your first cut point is, so in this case you are just left with the first 5 chapters and part of chapter 6. Back this up to a folder on your hard drive. Now repeat the process, only this time you want to just keep that portion of the movie that extends past your second cut point. So this would leave you with the remainder of chapter 6 and the rest of the chapters that follow it.
    You don't need to back this up. Because once you have trimmed the second half, it is left sitting in your compilation window. Just use the DVD Browser and get your first half, then drag it into the compilation window. Make sure you put in the first half into the correct position.(On top)So that the two files are reconnected in the correct order.
    Once thats done, just back both halves up and you will be left with a movie that is missing the part you cut out.
    You can also use this technique to split a DVD into two separate folders and burn each to a separate disc.

    There are plenty of authoring programs that can do this sort of thing. Nero has Recode2 which may be worth looking at as well. Shrink is the easiest though. Most authoring programs are going to require that you convert the vobs into a mpg file so it can process them. Shrink does not require that.

    One more tip. Watch out how your audio comes out at the cut point. You don't want to cut out the middle of some dialog. Try making your cuts at scene changes if possible. It takes a bit of trial and error.

    Good Luck!

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