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Resize PDF files for Nokia E61

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by RavenLife, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. RavenLife

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    Oct 2, 2005
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    no its not a question about unlock codes, (how excited are you about that)


    im trying to view some PDF ebooks (on PHP and SQL, if your interested)
    but i keep getting -

    "operation Failed !"

    "Not Enough Memory !"

    as i have seen this error before on the psp - i am assuming that its a size error - and that i should be able to combat it by resizing

    but does anyone know of a proggy to resize it to nokia E61 size - as i would like to read this on the bus - or at work

    thanks in advance

    (also if no one knows - a link to someone who might would be helpful)



    it would seem after some research that this only happens with 2+mb PDFs
    does anyone know of a software that splits PDFs?

    presumably the quote in question didnt realise it was the phones memory (ram?) that was at fault not the SD card
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