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response with questions for seamonkey in regards to first post

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by granithed, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. granithed

    granithed Member

    May 25, 2003
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    you stated in an earlier post that you prefered the matrix chip. I searched for the matrix chip using yahoo search engine. I came up with several options and chose divineo. They however said that the matix chip is no longer sold and that the Xenium ICE Solderless would be the best replacement http://www.divineo.com/cgi-bin/div-us/xb-xenicesl. Do you agree?

    it would seem to me that it would be possible to skip
    Step 1. flash the mod chip with the Evox D6 Bios (or which ever version of the evox bios you have or use). Install the mod chip. Then install the Evolution X Dashboard onto the xbox harddrive (see other xbox forums or sites on the specifics on how you do this)

    you did however say "The software mentioned and bios's are older but the process/methodology is the same.."

    i'm guessing that the xbox is capable of reading a stand alone .iso file? "unless i missed something:("

    Step 5. After you copy it to your harddrive (your pc's), you'll need to use xISO to make an XBOX .iso file.

    I have to tell you that i am a noob at this and it seems to me that this is quite complicated I do however have a friend that is more familliar in dissecting and resurecting an xbox and installing a new hard drive than i probably ever will be. Thus I have help. I am only trying to best understand this process.
    If you could, please answer these questions and i'll post later with more after i do some more research on this project. I will of coarse tell you also if I succeed :) or fail miserably :(

  2. Hrdrk20

    Hrdrk20 Regular member

    Feb 13, 2004
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    Hello friend,

    you are responding to a "sticky" ghost that is not here anymore or at least not too often. The "Sticky" post you replied to is a permant message that always stays on the top of the fourm messages to help people get a basic understanding of what is neccessary to modify your Xbox.

    My first modchip was a Matrix but as you know they are now obsolete. The chip of choice for me is the Xenium Ice solderless. Divineo is the only site that I buy from, they are very reliable. www xboxstation com has the bios you need. Also look for slayers v2.6 and burn to a memorex cd-rw. V 2.6 will give you evox, the updated phx harddrive game loader and media center files ect.

    Here's a quick guide to how you get your chip working. You must read the iceguide for complete instructions before doing the following..

    1. Screw in the solderless adapter so it is snug. Don't overtighten or you will strip the threads that hold down the screw. If that happens then you will have problems getting the screw to stay put, since the hole will no be larger than the screw.

    2. Fit the chip snug onto the adapter and guide the wire so it fits into the Do hole. There are two of these hole and the correct one is the one closest to you assuming that the front of the xbox is in front of you and the DVD and harddrive are towards the back.

    3. If the chip is correct you will get the red Xenium startup screen, even if the DVD-rom and harddrive are not hooked up. If you get this screen, connect all the devices and put the cover back on the xbox.

    4. Choose add new item and select TSOP. This will install the original xbox kernal (OS) to your chip. With this done, reboot and boot the xbox kernal and the xbox will startup as it would without a modchip.

    5. BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE: reset the date and time of the xbox before flashing your bios.

    6. There are several ways to flash the hacked bios to the chip but the easiest way for me was to use a 256k pen drive. Use the USB adapter that comes with the Xenium and place it in the 2nd,3rd or 4th controller port. The first one is for your controller. Reboot and choose "Add New Item" and then select FLASH. Select the H directory and the pen drive will appear. There are several bios to choose from You need to find one that has in-game reset and harddrive swap. I currently have a bios that increases the fan speed of the xbox and has the harddrive swap along with an orange LED but it doesn't have the in-game reset which is a real pain. If you plan on using a harddrive larger than 137G then you need a different evox version than the one that is included in slayers. I have not been able to track this down yet. xboxstation.com has the patch you need and in the readme file it tells you what evox version you need.

    Boot again with the hacked bios and put in your Slayers v2.6 disk in. This will auto-load evox and other nessesary applications.

    xISO to create .ISO images and burn with Nero 6


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