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RI/MASS band Looking for Singer and Guitarist

Discussion in 'Band looking for an artist' started by m00rpark, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. m00rpark

    m00rpark Guest

    Hey guys we are lookin for a singer and guitarist for our band TWO MILES FROM HOME (formally known as two point shot)... we are very serious about this and cant picture doing anything else with our lives, its what we LOVE to do... we have some material on purevolume.com/2milesfromhome but the quality sucks and we plan on going into the studio with some even AWESOMER songs. haha. well some of our influences are, the used, from first to last, story of the year, simple plan (yes simple plan), the starting line, greenday, RELIENT K, new found glory, yellowcard, sum 41, and alot of others. Let us know whats up we are dying to hear from you . email me if you have any questions at twomilesfromhomeIworkthestreets@yahoo.com

    thanks guys later!

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  2. exotica

    exotica Guest

    hi there! Salut.
    I got the voice,the skills (songwriting) and could take a band on top of the world with me as the lead singer...read my description,I'm from the same place the guys of simple plan are!
    worked with international stars b4.
    looking for a serious band with talent and dedication to get a record deal and be heard all over the world!
    I play guitar and other instruments too.
  3. TryAgain

    TryAgain Guest

    Hey my name is JD, 22 years old.. i live in West Warwick.. been around the Hardcore scene for a long time.. Would like to do a Screemo thing.. influences range from Atreyu to Brand New, 36 Crazyfists to Thrice and so on so forth.. send me a message if you want some more info..

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