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Ring on DVD, burn failure

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by joeyjoey, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. joeyjoey

    joeyjoey Member

    Mar 13, 2004
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    Orphius, if you are out there I saw you mentioned something like this in one of your posts a while back...

    I have Ritek 4X (identified as RITEKG04)DVD-R's. After burning, some of them have a inner ring (about 1/2 cm thick) that seems "discolored" compared to the rest of the disk. A good number of these discs fail after burning; specifically, they will jump or freeze etc during playback around the 6-8 minute mark (where I'm assuming this ring resides). Other identical discs appear to burn "perfectly" (i.e. no ring). Does anyone know what is causing this? I use a Plextor 708A and I'm thinking that for some reason it is adjusting the laser power between discs, or, perhaps changing the write speed though I don't think this is the case since DVD Decrypter doesn't give me any messages about changing the write speed.

    Also, before the DVD-R's are burnt, there is a very thin ring on the disc at approximately the position where the thick, discolored ring will end after the burning process. Anyone know what this thin ring is and if it's normal? Again, some discs seem to burn fine in which case this thin ring completely disappears after the burning process.

    Think I'll be going back to +R soon...

    Thanks everyone.
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  2. RussReef

    RussReef Guest

    I have the same media. Yes, the unburned DVD-R's do have a thin ring about 1/2 cm from the inner edge of the media. The ring is about the width of a hair.

    If you look REALLY carefully, you can still see the ring once the media is burned. It's much harder to see (because it's so thin, and data burned into the disc obsure it a bit), but it's still there.

    I've had no problems with this media. I've burned over 100 discs w/o a single coaster using a Pioneer 106D burner (and DVDshrink & Nero).

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