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Ripping & Burning a movie

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by WStinson, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. WStinson

    WStinson Member

    Oct 19, 2003
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    I need to know how to do the following: Using Pinnacle InstantCopy, DVD Decrypter, and Smartripper, how do I copy a movie from the DVD9 to my hard drive, remove the copy protection and burn it to a blank DVD-R?? I hve tried all the variations I can think of and the best I can get is copied files in a Video_ts folder on the HD. When I try to select the only .ifo file and use it in Pinnacle Instantcopy, the Pinnacle screen flashes on for and instant and then disappears - apparently shuts itself down. I am using winXP and Sony DRU-500A DVD drive.
  2. Bodene

    Bodene Regular member

    Oct 5, 2003
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    The Pinnacle won't rip when the dvd is copy protected. Sez so right on their website. That's prolly why it shuts down. Either Smart Ripper or DVD Decryptor WILL work. I use DVD Decryptor to rip, and DVD2One to shrink it down, and they do the job.

    In your case tho....I'd recommend setting all 3 of your programs aside, then download dvdshrink (free, here at AfterDawn). It'll rip and shrink the dvd9 info down to dvd-r size, and remove the copy protection at the same time. You can set dvdshrink to rip just the movie, or the entire disc.

    Then, you take the files it gives you, and burn them into a Video_TS folder on a dvd-r with a burning program like Nero or RecordNow, or mebbe your Pinnacle will work for that. Nero even creates the folder for u so all u have to do is drag the shrunk'd files over and hit *burn*.

    There are loads of guides available online for ripping and burning dvd's. Here's one of them: http://www.chrismccann.co.uk/user_guides.htm

  3. magnetic

    magnetic Regular member

    Aug 5, 2003
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    I have enclosed some info that may help, this is from a help file I wrote;
    (i also have DRU500ax)
    if you want the entire movie put on a blank dvd the following should be noted;
    Blank DVD's hold 4.3Gb (not 4.7Gb as advertised, this is to do with how the space is calculated), dvd5 is same size as yourblanks, dvd9 can be twice the size, capacity wise.

    1st: you need to rip the files from the DVD to the pc harddrive (HD), the files are encrypted.
    Two main programs for doing this are:
    DVDDecryptor or Smartripper
    If DVD is bigger than 4.3 Gb you'll have to use 'DVDshrink' or 'Pinnacle InstantCopy', to get the movie to
    fit onto the DVD,
    DVD Shrink:
    This program allows you to shrink the DVD size, it makes the movie quality degrade (hint never go below 60% [preferable 70%] or you'll notice the quality degrade)
    Once you have your original DVD files ripped on the PC, start InstantCopy.
    This program allows the user to remove unwanted AUDIO and Subtitles.
    open up instantcopy and point to the DVD files on the PC, it looks for one of the VIDEO_TS files, click it,
    remove all the unwanted files.
    If the movie will still not fit (see green/red line at bottom of screen) set the compression of the files
    (like DVDshrink), don't go below 60% if possible or else you will notice the movie quality degrade.
    Press start when the line at the bottom of the screen goes green, takes 40 mins plus, don't forget to put a
    blank DVD in the drive to burn to.

    another good program: allows the user to create new VIDEO_TS files( if you only have the .VOB files you can use IFOEDIT to create the new VIDEO_TS files (contain the chapter info etc...) and join up Video files .VOB
    I'd use it if I had a DVD with one or more .VTS set
    Looking at the info below I'd see that the main movie is VTS_01
    VTS_02 is probably a trailer or something, if you think it's part of the movie -doubleclick on the file to
    play it with the player and you'll see what it is.
    In the case below I'd get rid of the trailer (it is a trailer I checked)
    I'd cut the VTS_01 files and place in a new folder, just the vts_01 files
    Use IFO edit to create the .IFO files, then use IFO edit 'VOB extras' to remove the extra languages and
    Note when the IFOEdit creates the IFO files it creates them for the VTS_01 files, if you have checked the
    DVD and seen that the movie is VTS_03 you should rename the vts files to VTS_01 in your folder on the hard drive.

    To Recap;

    1. Rip files to HD
    2. Use InstantCopy to burn to DVD (this can shrink to fit to DVD and remove unwanted Audio and Subtitles)

    1. Rip
    2. Shrink files using DVD SHrink
    3. Burn with InstantCopy

    1. Rip
    2. Cut main VTS*.vob files to new folder
    3. USe IFO edit to Create IFO files (these contain the chapter info etc...)
    4. Use IFO edit to remove extra Languages and subtitles
    5. Shrink files if necessary using DVDShrink
    5. Burn with INSTANTCOPY


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