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Ripping Single Episodes Tutorial - Dvdshrink, Winrar, AutoGK

Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by chirayuw, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. chirayuw

    chirayuw Guest

    Ripping Single Episodes

    I found a way 2 rip single episodes with relative ease, so have made a mini tutorial 4 u. U need 3 softwares - Dvdshrink, Winrar and AutoGK
    [Steps + Images regarding conversion process are given below]


    Steps - Dvdshrink:

    1] Insert DVD into PC
    2] Start Dvdshrink and click on 'Open Disc' icon - Dvdshrink will now analyze the disc
    3] Click on the 'Re-author' icon and drag across the title [episode] u want to rip, to the left hand side
    - u can edit settings through the 'Compression Settings' tab e.g. which subs/audio u want to delete/keep - only drag 1 title across as otherwise AutoGK will not be able to convert them separately
    4] Click on 'Backup' icon, this brings up a popup where u can change quality/region/name/type settings. For now only change 'backup target' to 'ISO Image File', choose where u wanna save it and click 'OK'
    - u only need to edit quality settings if u chose to compress in the 'Compression Settings
    - if u did choose to do so, go to the 'Quality Settings' tab, in the popup and select both boxes - leave the option on sharp (default)
    5] Wait for Dvdshrink to do its thing, when its done its play a tone and give u a message saying its finished
    6] Click 'OK' and close Dvdshrink


    Steps - Winrar:

    1] Start Winrar, click on 'File' - 'Open Archive', and then Open your ISO Image File
    2] Click on 'VIDEO_TS' and then on 'Extract to' icon, this brings up a popup from where u can choose where to extract the files, then click on 'OK' to extract
    3] Once done, close Winrar
    - you can now delete the ISO Image File


    Steps - AutoGK:

    1]Start AutoGK
    2] Choose Input and find the extracted 'VIDEO_TS' folder, and choose the 'IFO' file
    - in my case 'VTS_01_0.ifo'
    3] Choose output folder
    4] Select which audio and subs u want, by ticking the appropriate boxes
    5] Choose the size of the finished file, or make a custom size
    - for this choose 'custom size' and type in the size u want e.g. 300 [stands for 300 mb]

    OPTIONAL - Click on 'Advanced Settings' keep video settings auto
    - Change audio to VBR for mp3 audio and bitrate at 128
    - Or choose to keep original dvd audio - AC3 [better]
    - Choose 'XviD' in Codec and 'Use external subtitles' in Subtitle options

    6] Click on 'Add Job', and the 'Start' - process takes approximately 1-2 hours per episode
    7] Once done the AutoGK log [bottom left hand] will say something like this 'Job finished. Total time: 51 minutes 16 seconds'
    8] Close AutoGK Open your output folder and enjoy your converted AVI episode, complete with subs
    - u can now deletethe original folder you had extracted








  2. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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    Excellent, lucid, tutorial.
    Why the preference for saving the files from DVD Shrink as ISO instead of a folder - since at the next step the ISO is immediately unzipped to a folder anyway?
  3. chirayuw

    chirayuw Guest

    I do ISO cos I have 8 usb's all of varying sizes from 256mb - 500gb.

    Cos of that I tend 2 iso it and save it as 1 file in my larger usb - also keeps it from spoiling i.e. I have had this problem in the past when the videos are hard disked in folders, they tend 2 go glitchy on the usb.

    This way if u don't intend 2 convert immediately it ensures the video u ripped wont spoil. But u can use the 'Hard Disk Folder' Option if u want - if u do u can skip the 'Winrar' bit

  4. scorpNZ

    scorpNZ Active member

    Mar 23, 2005
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    Don't know whether i should even bother mentioning for what should be obvious,if there are no titles apart from main like a music dvd,using the start-end frame cutting tool in shrink it's possible to remove sections of the dvd where the add title won't work,in essence separating each song performance,more so if the songs were stitched from a catalog of performances from a band (example-AC/DC family jewel album had graphical separators for each song performed)would work also for two or more movies on a dvd that you made unless they appear as titles (don't know if that's the case as i've never put more than 1 movie on a dvd at a time)
  5. chirayuw

    chirayuw Guest

    Yeah the Start-End frame cutting is usually used for movies, to remove opening titles and credits. This improves the quality of the backup if its been compressed. U don't need 2 worry about this if u are only doing single episodes as they don't need compression in dvdshrink. Only need it when converting a movie dvd from dvd9 to dvd5
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  6. TBandit

    TBandit Regular member

    Jun 28, 2006
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    thanks great tutorial i was just trying to rip some episodes of mah dvd but was missing that last step in DVDshrink

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