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Ripping Speed

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by sirius60, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. sirius60

    sirius60 Member

    Oct 6, 2004
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    Hi there

    This might be a stupid question but here goes.

    I'm backing up my dvd's using SmartRipper and DVDOne. I have a NEC ND2500 DVD writer. My computer has 1gig ram 160 gb HD and AMD XP3200 processor running at 200mhz.... does that sound right... it sounds familiar.
    When I'm using SmartRipper is shows a speed of 3.3 not sure what the tec term is for what its doing at the time is it ripping?
    At the NEC website it shows speeds of
    DVD-R: 8x CLV DVD-RW: 4x CLV
    DVD+R: 8x CLV DVD+RW: 4x CLV
    CD-R: 32x CLV CD-RW: 16x CLV

    It only takes about 40 mins for the whole process of backing up a dvd which is was fine with until i heard my friends computer was showing SmartRipper speed of 11x. She has recently bought a generic dell package and i'm a bit gutted that hers is going so fast and mine isn't.... is that a bit childish?
    Anyway what i suppose i want to know is from the information above should i be able to get greater speeds and if so how.... or should i stop taking my ball back and just get on with it?
    Thanks in advance for the help...:)
  2. MrRod

    MrRod Regular member

    Mar 25, 2004
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    It's all down to the make and model of the dvd writer and not just the specs of the pc. Some guys prefer to burn at a slower speed anyway to make sure they get a good burn, the faster the copying the more risc of a bad burn.

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