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Robert's Version 1.5.2 ... an oldie but a goodie

Discussion in 'Copy DVD to DVDR' started by Whisperer, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Whisperer

    Whisperer Regular member

    Jan 3, 2003
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    Please: I need a favor from some kind soul ... perhaps even from any still living ;-) members of Ireland's old RagTag group from the early days.

    I was particularly fond of DVD-X-Copy version (exactly) 1.5.2 because of it's ability to split a DVD movie onto two SL disks and automatically place an neat little repeating TS at the end of disk 1-of-2 that displayed a "Please Insert Disk Two" message at the break point. Combined with AnyDVD, I loved doing my splits with 1.5.2. To this day Slysoft has never taken my suggestion to add that repeating TS feature to CloneDVD's split capability. As additional support for my desire to split, TY +R SL disks are still way cheaper than Verb DL which also suffers the quality-crippling effect of moving manufacturing from taiwanese hands to the indian factory.

    Recently, my dedicated drive that contained a still activated and operating DXC v.1.5.2 program on it suffered a virus attack and went down. Due to Robert's (vs the movie industry) defeat in court and his subsequent death, and the english company that took over DXC products not living up to (Robert's promise) it's obligation to provide Lifetime On-Line re-activations to proven-legitimate owners, I cannot get 1.5.2 back up and running again.

    My Request from antiquity: Does anyone still have the downloaded Setup Program for the DXC 1.5.2 upgrade (and the stand alone (off-line) activation code that 321 or that english company would provide if online activation was no longer possible)?

    Activation is the big issue.

    version 1.5.2 was the fourth or fifth upgrade from the original DXC. Please forgive my precise version desire but no other version will do, nor will those Platinum or Express fiascos.

    I would even arrange 2-Way shipping if someone had a HDD with a working DXC v.1.5.2 progam still opperating on it. I could use SpotMau's excellent "Clone Entire Disk" feature to get up and operating again. Assurances and conditions would be agreed to by me if someone has this way open to me. Windows2000 or XP OS on that drive would be fine for my dated but dedicated DVD cloning box.

    I'm sure members will make alternate suggestions and of course they are welcome and meeting posters will be nice. Depending on the job, I also use SlySoft products, Shrink/imgburn and others. But suggestions along the line of "cloning software has evolved to be much better than DXC these days ... why don't you try xxx" won't help too much because, if you remember, it is that one neat TS feature I am looking to regain.

    I'm just an old timer who "wants his Maypo" back :)

    Thank you so very much, best regards and hello to anyone who remembers me from the early days of DVD backups,

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  2. Berryone

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    Apr 4, 2006
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    Can't Help You With 321 but You Might Try DFab 8, it Splits a DL to Two SL Disc. Not Sure About The "Insert Disc 2", But I Seem to Remember "Attar" Knowing How to Do That.
    He's Really Smart About Such Things.

    I Too Want My Maypo.

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