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S-video complications...B&W issue...

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by duvall665, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. duvall665

    duvall665 Guest


    This is my first post here, altough i've been a "watcher" of this forum for some time now...(i hope this message is in the right place!)
    Ok, so I have a problem: I want to see my laptop's (model HP dv 1245 ea) image in my television, using a "S-video" cable, with a SCART tv entry. And, altough i can see the image both in my laptop's screen as in the tv at the same time...but the image from the tv is black and white!! I know this is one very discussed topic over the net,but...i still haven't solved this problem. Some months ago, i tried to do the same with my desktop pc, and it worked. But, then, the trick was to, usig nview, saying that i was using a "Composite video exit", and not a "S-Video" exit...this little "cheat" worked,and i had COLOR in my tv. Now,in my laptop, I don't have a Nvidia board, so, no "nview"...just "Intel Extreme Graphics 2" program (my "graphics board" is Intel, and yes, with the latest drivers installed). I've done everything i've read in the net...i mean, this last 3, 4 hours i've tried close to everything, and...still no solution. Isn't there someone who can help me..!? Oh, and i'm from Portugal, so...Pal-B for me. Anyway,i've allready tried ALL kinds of Pal, as well as NTSC...
    p.s. sorry for the looong post...
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    Dec 21, 2006
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    s-video to SCART will always give black and white. You need one of these

    s-video to composite adapter


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