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SafeDisc 3.15, 3.20 and beyond

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by curious8, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. curious8

    curious8 Member

    Jan 20, 2005
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    SafeDisc 3.15, 3.20 and beyond are getting harder & harder to beat.
    Quite often, with Alcohol 120%, I can make the image files (MDF/MDS or ISO
    files) successfully and when I mount the image files to virtual drive,
    I can install & play the games without problems. This gives me an
    impression that I have got perfect image files. So, I go ahead and burn
    the image files to backup CDs. With the backup CDs, the installation
    runs smoothly. But, the games installed from the backup CDs refuse
    to run. Its is a conundrum to me why the image files work but the
    backup CDs do not. Well, maybe my CD-RW drive is not good enough
    (Sony CD-RW CRX215E5). Are there any other reasons? Could some experts
    out there please shed some lights?

    If the image files work, can I simply burn the image files as data files
    to backup CDs and then, mount the image files from the backup CDs to
    virtual drive? Will that ever work?

    Let me use an example to illustrate the problem. Say I just bought a game
    named "foo" (the game contents are not important for this discussion).
    It has three CDs. The first CD is carrying SafeDisc 3.20 protection.
    My goal is to backup the game so that I can save the original CDs and
    just use the backup CDs to install & play.

    I launch Alcohol 120% to make three image files in my hard disk ---
    foo_1.mdf/mds, foo_2.mdf/mds and foo_3.mdf/mds, all with "SafeDisc 2/3"
    profile. I save three original CDs to somewhere as I am not going to
    use them any more.

    Next, I want to verify the image files. I mount foo_1.mdf/mds to the
    virtual drive. Run setup.exe/autorun.exe/launch.exe or whatever from
    the virtual drive to start game installation. Naturally, during
    installation, when I am prompted to insert disc 2, I simply unmount
    foo_1.mdf/mds and mount foo_2.mdf/mds to the virtual drive. When I am
    prompted to insert disc 3, I simply unmount foo_2.mdf/mds and mount
    foo_3.mdf/mds to the virtual drive. When the installation is about to
    terminate, I am prompted to insert disc 1 again and I simply unmount
    foo_3.mdf/mds and mount foo_1.mdf/mds to the virtual drive. The
    installation ends successfully. I am able to launch the game from the
    virtual drive and play the game without any problems.

    Next, I want to burn the backup CDs. I unmount foo_1.mdf/mds from the
    virtual drive and uninstall the game. Then, I launch Alcohol 120%
    to burn three image files to three backup CDs. Then, I use three
    backup CDs to re-install the game. the installation ends successfully.
    But, when I try run the game, it refuses to run. I don't know why.

    Next, I am thinking, since the image files work, maybe I can just save
    them as data files to backup CDs. So, I launch Alcohol 120% to remake
    three image files --- foo_1.ico, foo_2.ico and foo_3.ico. This time,
    they are in ICO format instead of MDF/MDS format because one MDF/MDS
    file typically does not fit into a single CD but one ICO file does.
    Then, I launch regular CD burning software (RecordNow! which was
    pre-installed when I bought the PC) to burn foo_[1|2|3].ico into
    three separate CDs. Note that, here, foo_[1|2|3].ico are simply
    treated as data files.

    Next, I want to try backup CDs burned this way. I first put the
    CD containing foo_1.ico file into my CD-ROM drive (say, E drive).
    Then, I mount E:foo_1.ico to the virtual drive (say, L drive).
    From L drive, I now can see everything in the original CD 1. So,
    from L drive, I run setup.exe/autorun.exe/launch.exe or whatever
    to re-install the game. But, the installation does not go well.
    When I am prompted to insert disc 2, I meant to unmount E:foo_1.ico,
    insert the CD containing foo_2.ico and mount E:foo_2.ico to the
    virtual drive. But, I was unable to do. My PC somehow hands up.

    Am I doing something stupid here? I was wondering, will backup CDs
    burned this way, i.e. treating foo_[1|2|3].ico as data files,
    ever work? If this approach can be made to work somehow, what it
    means to us is that, to beat SafeDisc 3.15, 3.20 and beyond, we
    do not need heavy-duty burner (the image burning part of
    Alcohol 120%). We just need good-quality image maker (the image
    making part of Alcohol 120%).

    Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.
  2. geestar20

    geestar20 Active member

    Mar 5, 2004
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    Well that was a very long post LOL.

    You cannot use RecordNow to just simply burn the image back to a cd or just treat it as a data cd.

    In my opinion you should install the game with the original disc's and just back up the "Play Disc"

    When you burn the image you need to select your Datatype (which should be Safedisc 2/3) the same as when you first made the image.

    Good Example:

    Image making wizard, Datatype: Safedisc 2/3
    Burn image wizard, Datatype: Safedisc 2/3

    Do not do:

    Image making wizard, Datatype: Safedisc 2/3
    Burn image wizard, Datatype: Safedisc (or anyother datatype) needs to be the same.

    Does the image say "NEED EMULATION" at all?
  3. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    Getting a good image is only half the equation. The protection must be burned back to the disc accurately enough to pass the verify. You could have the most perfect image possible sitting on your hard drive but without the right software, settings and burner that's all it is - a perfect image on your hard drive.

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