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sagem dbox2 not loading

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by knight251, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. knight251

    knight251 Guest

    hi im new 2 this forum and was just asking 4 some hellp.
    i have a sagem d box2 which is 1 month old and it has stoped working. it will not load, it says loading but dose not progress, before it would say loading then it would boot up. do i need 2 reflash the box?
    can any one hellp me thank you
  2. dboxpro

    dboxpro Guest

    I reckon your box might be in Kein Mode but im not sure how you can fix that. Can anyone help out with this please asap. Thanks.
  3. knight251

    knight251 Guest

    yes all the box says is Kein system
    i do not know how 2 re flash the box and i do not know how 2 get the software can any one hellp thanks
  4. zappp64

    zappp64 Regular member

    Oct 13, 2005
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  5. knight251

    knight251 Guest

    i have went 2 the link but i do not have a valid image for the dbox i have lost it on the box. i did get a cd with it but it is not on ther or it might be onther in a diferent format. i have a sagem d box 2 - 1 chip. i have looked throug the top grill. can any one hellp me im also looking 4 sportster and a valid image for the dbox
    thank you ps i tryed world of digital but link is not there.

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