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Same DVD Backup: Sometimes Play, Other Times Do not

Discussion in 'Video playback problems' started by kirbydog, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. kirbydog

    kirbydog Guest

    I am using DVDXCOPY to burn my backup DVDs in a July, 2003 Dell Manufactured Computer with XP Professional.

    Although I have never received an error message while I'm burning, I have noticed that the DVD backups will sometimes play perfectly and other times will not. This has happened with over 5 different movies in 3 different players. Regardless, it seems that there is an extended delay in playing the backup DVD that is not common on the original DVDs.

    I am using DVDR+ Memorex media which I bought at CompUSA.

    I do not know if its worth making some adjustments to my system to try to fix the problem (if there is one)or whether this is a common problem.

    I have noticed that the problem sometimes happens after the DVDXCOPY backup warning message appears on the screen after you insert the DVD backup; after that
    message, the menu or movie does not play. But again, most often than not, when the playback problem occurs, the DVDXCOPY warning does not even come up.

    Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.
  2. kirbydog

    kirbydog Guest

    Just to make it clear, the problem is:

    The same DVDbackup will sometimes play in the same player, other times will not play in that same player.
  3. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Try this guide and use different brand dvd+r media.
    [bold] Backing up DVD-5, Single Layer or Type 1 DVD's [/bold]

    1. Run your DVD player (WinDVD or PowerDVD) to play the movie for a few seconds. This Un-locks the drive to help DVD Decrypter actually rip the files to HD.
    2. Run DVDDecrypter and press the R key. This selects Mode to be ISO Read.
    3. For Source, point to the DVD if you have more than one DVD Reader/Writer installed.
    4. A Destination and file name will be selected automatically, however, you can change this manually if you wish.
    5. Hit the big O |> HD button and an ISO image of the DVD will be be written to you HD shortly. This can take from 5min to 30min depending on the DVD and hardware setup.
    6. You now have an ISO file of the entire DVD complete with everything intact but it now is Multiregion, no Macrovision and no CSS encryption.
    6. Place a DVD±R blank into your burner, now press W. This selects Mode to be ISO Write.
    7. For Source, browse to your newly written ISO file. Your burner should be auto selected. Set Data Type to Mode1/2048, Write Mode to DVD and Write Speed to what ever the speed of your media is rated at.
    8. Hit the big HD |> O button and your first burn starts. It takes approx. 56min for a 1x, 28min for 2x and 15min for 4x burns.
    9. Thats it, finished, nothing else to do other than play it on your DVD Player, sit back and enjoy.
    DVD Decrypter download

    [bold] Backing up DVD-9, Double Layer or Type 2 DVD's where Movie + Audio is under 4.37gig [/bold]

    1. Run your DVD player (WinDVD or PowerDVD) to play the movie for a few seconds. This Un-locks the drive to help DVDDecrypter actually rip the files to HD.
    2. Run DVDDecrypter and hit I. This selects IFO mode. You can also use SmartRipper if you prefer, its similar but option/settings are in different places.
    3. Select for Source the DVDROM unit that holds the DVD. It will automatically detect the Movie files and suggest a Destination folder name where the ripped files will go. Change if necessary.
    4. In Tools / Settings / IFO Mode, set the File Splitting to None and tick "Chapter Information - DVDMaestro". Leave all others alone, then click OK.
    5. Now click on the Stream Processing Tab and tick the box for Enable Stream Processing. Untick ALL except the first track 0xE0 Video -...... and at least 1 Audio track. Normally the 0x80 Audio AC3 /6ch/English is directly under the Video track.
    6. Highlight the Video track and click the Demux check box. Highlight the Audio track and click the Demux check box.
    7. Now click the large O |> HD button and ripping begins. Soon, you will end up with a large (approx. 4 gig) *.M2V video file and a *.AC3 audio file on your HD. There will also be a Chapters *.CHP file. Any other files are not needed and can be deleted if necessary.
    8. You can also use ChapterXtractor to get the *.CHP file.
    9. If you need Subtitles, you need to extract these with SubRip from the DVD also. See Note 2: below.
    10. Check with Explorer that the Video + Audio file(s) is below 4.27 gig in size as Authoring will add approx. 0.1 gig.
    11. If all is okay, Authoring with DVDMaestro and you will have to re-encode it a slightly smaller size to fit.
    Shoey :)____X_X_X_X_X_[small]Certified Computer Technician
    Forum Rules^
    Mobo: KT4VL MSI-6712
    CPU: AthlonXP Barton 2.5
    Ram: 512 SD-DDR (PC-2700)
    nVidia GeForce4 MX440-8x
    Maxtor ATA\133 80 gig hd

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  4. kirbydog

    kirbydog Guest

    Thanks for the respond; but are you sure this addresses the problem that I'm having; it seems to suggest that I totally disregard using DVDXCOPY to backup my DVDs.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could inform me in simple terms what you think the problem is now that I have received your technical explanation. Thanks again!

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