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Samsung DVD-R155 Is this the right one?

Discussion in 'HD DVD discussion' started by goseattle, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. goseattle

    goseattle Guest

    Hello, I bought this Samsung DVD-R155 for my husband. He wanted to watch movies through HD. I was told this particular player has HDMI converter. So, we could watch movies in HD? Please, respond anyone. Today is our anniversary and would like to get the right present for my husband.
    BTW, we have HD television and a box from comcast. (not sure if this info is needed)
  2. club42

    club42 Regular member

    Sep 11, 2005
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    Hey, welcome to Afterdawn. Sorry you havent had any replies yet. It depends on what your husband said he wanted. The player that you got is an up-converter so it will play your standard dvds with a little better quality. If he want's a true Hi-def player then you will have to spend more money for the player ($200 for HD-DVD and around $400 for blue-ray) and also the movies themselves will cost more ($20.00 to $30.00). It depends if he is a movie nut or a casual viewer and whether you "both" can justify the extra money for the hi-def player. I would give him the one that you got and see how he likes it. The thought will be rewarding
    either way. I talked my wife into an HD-DVD player and at first she didn't like the fact of spending so much more that a normal dvd but now she does notice the difference quite a bit. Good luck and happy anniversary!
  3. goseattle

    goseattle Guest

    Thank you so much for the reply. I learned a lot from it. What I noticed about the Samsung though, it says on the label, DVD recorder and not player. Is that something that I should consider? Maybe get a different one have a DVD w/ HDMI and VHS player?
    My husband was happy to see the present. He's not really a movie "nut", but a recorder? (sigh) Any recommendations on what to buy. No, on the true HD. Not yet. Only the HDMI thing.
    Thanks, club42.

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