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Samsung X650

Discussion in 'Samsung discussion' started by TomPorto, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. TomPorto

    TomPorto Guest

    Hi Guys,

    need urgent help.
    I won a Samsung X650, but it is locked by Vodafone Portugal.
    Anybody can help me unlock it.

  2. keelocker

    keelocker Guest

    Turn off our phone, put in a SIM of a provider that it is not locked to, and turn it back on.
    at the wrong card massage type *#9998*3323#. Amasage wil pop up telling you to press exit, so hit right softkey. choose 7 or 8 your phone will reboot and your sim will work.

    type. *0141# and hit call. your phone is personalized

    power down your phone insert a sim card other than the one that is in it. power back yyour phone at the sim code prompt type 00000000 that is 8 zeroes.

    your phone should be UNLOCKED
  3. Soccerlan

    Soccerlan Guest


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