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Screamo/hardcore band looking for a dedicated (male) singer..orange county(CA) area

Discussion in 'Band looking for an artist' started by xXeRo182, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. xXeRo182

    xXeRo182 Guest

    We are a band out of fullerton, CA, looking for a GOOD singer. We recorded a 5 song demo about 4 months ago, with our old singer on it. You can hear it at www.purevolume.com/theghostofyesterday
    Try to ignore his voice and just listen to the music. We kicked him out of our band because he isn't very good, and most likely won't get any better. We have played 5 shows, at Chain reaction, Knitting Factory, and Hogue Barmichaels. We have mics and a PA for vocals. Our ages range from 15-20, so anyone around those ages would be good. Our influences are Underoath, atreyu, thrice, senses fail, finch, poison the well, silverstein, and many others. We are all very dedicated, and are hoping to make something out of this band because we all work hard at it. So if anyone is interested IM me at xxero182 on AIM.
  2. iluvpunks

    iluvpunks Member

    Dec 13, 2004
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    hey there, yeah i went on that site where your songs are and the singer is really really shit but i'm sure when u get a new one ur band is gonna be wiked as. the music rocks!!! ur back up vocalist is good though [the screamer] yeah i just thought i'd let you know that your band is good as!!! what intrument do you play??
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