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SD load 1.0

Discussion in 'Nintendo Gamecube - General discussion' started by indienemo, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. indienemo

    indienemo Guest


    I need answers here.. Does SD load let you run back-up games on mini-DVDR discs? Do you still need the BBA to back-up games? Is there any difference between this and the Viper modchip? I have already bought an SD card and need answers, please.
  2. indienemo

    indienemo Guest

    I mean do we still need PSO and the BBA to create back-ups or will this change all that forever?
  3. lbblaze

    lbblaze Member

    Jan 13, 2005
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    I dont know mutch about sdload but I know you can put that sd card to good use depending on how big it is.
    all you need is:
    1.sd card from 512mb-1.0gb(1.0gb recommended)
    2.max drive pro, order from www.codejunkies.com
    3.sdcard memory card adapter on sale at WWW.play-asia.com

    this is only recomended for people who no how to rip
    .gcm backup images from gamecube games using (pso or some other method).

    put empty sdcard in sdcard slot on pc
    drag and drop .gcm rip to sdcard drive.
    take sdcard out and place it in sd memory card adapter
    put memory card adapter in gamecube.
    place max drive pro software in gamecube then power on
    follow max drive pro manual for detail on how to boot .gcm files.

    you can use any game rip you want aslong as it is a
    .gcm image and as long as it is smaller than 1,024mb for the 1.0gb sdcard and 512mb for the 512mb sdcard
    (1.0gb recommended seeing as that not many gc games are smaller than 700mb). just put the sdcard back in the pc, empty it and drag and drop another .gcm

    I have not tried this yet but there is no reason why it should not work.
  4. indienemo

    indienemo Guest

    Are you sure this works? because i already have a 16mb SD-card... and a 1GB one would cost around $90.... so i dont want to waste money unless it is certain... anyway you can try this out first?

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