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Setting up Shadow C and MS Dash with UXE.

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by punx777, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Mar 2, 2004
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    Well belive it or not, I am still an xbox newb, but trust me im learning. i recently posted a guide about uxe complete and i have learned much more since then. The first thing we will want to do is set up Shadow C. Shadow C protects your C drive from being erased, (user error, accidents ect.) So if you were to clear your C drive, all the files would be hidden away safe and dry. Protected from you.

    Setting up shadow c is very simple. Assuming you havnt yet changed your dashboard(which i will talk about later) the shadow C setup is in your current dash. (i belive it is in 'advanced options') and presto, how simple was that. Now, lets test it. Going through either FTP or any file manager on the xbox, go to E: and try to rename the folder 'shadowc' if you fail, you are sucessful(how ironic is that).

    NOW CLEAR YOUR C: !!!!!!!!! (how fun was that??)

    Now for msdash. this part is extremly simple as well but you will need to find the slayers evox installer disk or Auto Installer Deluxe 2.0+
    Now go to either install msdash, or install dashboards/ install msdash. (depending on slayers or aid)

    Now you can test it, since the Evox that comes with UXE doesnt have an option for Msdash, you will need to either, edit the ini so it can point to evox, boot another dashboard (if its installed), or change your dash, which i will cover in a second. If it works, presto haha.

    Anyway, to change your main dashboard it is very simple. In your xbox hdd, you need to go to E:Root. Here is 2 files and a folder, (default.xbx evox, and Skin)

    now, you need to delete all of these files. now replace them with the files that came with your new dash. SIMPLE HUH.


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