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Settings for WMMaker to Click to DVD via Stoick ??

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by Burnnn, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Burnnn

    Burnnn Member

    Apr 6, 2007
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    Hokay . . . on a Sony Vaio PCV-RZ32G (Pentium 4, 2.6Ghz, 512M RAM) running Windows XP w/SP2 plus hopefully all available updates for the programs mentioned hereunder I've edited 4 clips which run 2 to 4 minutes each using Windows Movie Maker.

    After 2 days of trying, I still can't burn them to DVD using Click to DVD 1.4 (which came with the Vaio).

    Click to DVD only accepts .mpg and .avi files. So in WMM, I saved the files with the format option DV-AVI(NTSC). This file type loads into Click to DVD, but when I hit Preview, after a couple of minutes of converting, etc. I get this error message:


    If I try to burn instead of preview, I get these:



    Hoping I could use freeware to simply convert the file types into something acceptable to Click to DVD (and also hoping to do it with freeware), I downloaded Stoik Converter.

    Unfortunately, Stoik's options for the conversion output are a mile long . . .


    In addition, Stoik offers Profile options -- especially confusing are the audio options which come up in that bottom box:


    Now, there are these "Save Movie" options in Windows Movie Maker:


    If anyone here can please tell me:

    1) which format option in Windows Movie Maker "Save Movie" is best -- that is, would be of the highest quality AFTER it's converted in Stoik, and

    2) which format option in Stoik's Output menu is also the highest quality AND will actually be accepted by Click to DVD,

    . . . then maybe I won't have any more of these bald patches on my head from where I've torn out my hair over this.

    And if the above method of converting the files with Stoik is for some reason not feasible, my last resort is to go and buy a DVD authoring program (in a hurry). Your opinions as to the best program would be appreciated.

    Preferably any new program would cost as little as possible yet allow me to import a jpeg for a custom background on the DVD menu (something Click to DVD will not allow).

    Many thanks.
  2. attar

    attar Senior member

    Jun 17, 2005
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    I'm assuming that you are trying to convert .WMV files.
    This program outputes the files to a DVD folder.
    Make sure you set 'Aspect' and 'Standard' to suit your TV screen and Pal or NTSC.

    Convert AVI to VOB with VSO DivX2DVD

    Find an image and set up a title screen to suit with this:.

    Create Menu graphic Page (correct size pal/ntsc) with VCDMenu Lite
    VCD Menu lite

    Convert that image to a 'Still, then link your still menu to the DVD files with this..

    Convert Menu Graphic to 'still' image and link to VOB's with DVD Author GUI

    Burn the dvd files.

    Verify and Burn to DVD using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter
    DVD Shrink

    DVD Decrypter

    All above free.

    This isn't free but is good and allows custom background..
  3. wguru

    wguru Member

    Jan 27, 2006
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    VAIO PCG-K27 and I too never got Click to DVD to work. Hope the earlier post works, but I gave up on 'C2DVD' as I found this works for me (crude, but it works well enough for my purposes).

    To burn DVD's from wmv's (less trimmings like titling, intro's, etc.) so as any DVD player menu displays the video as a clip while also displaying it's opening frame as a thumbnail, do the following:

    Convert files to burn onto DVD-R's via (free) SUPER so as to convert any common video file (except .rm's) into a SUPER 'VTS' (.VOB) file by simply opening SUPER, assuring the 'select output container' is set for "vob DVD Compliant" (no need to tick 'Use Direct Show', untick if ticked), drag any playable file into the job box and click "Encode (Active Files)".

    Burning the VTS/VOB files onto DVD-R's requires only this; Use (free) DVDShrink to compress the VTS/VOB files and save compressed file to a folder. Then use (free) DVDDecrypter to burn the file folder to DVD-R.

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