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Sharing Files on Pc from Xbox ?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by EVILAZZPD, Jan 18, 2007.



    First off I would like to say thanks for the help with setting up my sof t modded xbox. My current problem is I am trying to setup file sharing on my xbox using XBMC. I currently have a file on my pc for backup copys of dvds, I would like to stream these movies to my XBMC. I have told the pc I would like to share that folder but every time I attempt to connect to the folder the XBMC SBM it tells me that it cannot connect or cannot find workgroup. I have enabled file sharing on the pc with the same results. I have never setup a network connection before and I would really appreciate any help or links that could help.

    Thank you PD
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    sorry dont have any links but i can tell you when you open up xbmc go to the blue button on the bottom right hand corrner and click it and go to scripts then from there click on that folder and the file in the bottom and it will show you a lot of downloads and it will give a descrition of what it is they are all streaming programs for the box just download and watch they will show up in the sricpt section that you where at earlier

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