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Simcity 4 and backup probs

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by dokster, May 1, 2003.

  1. dokster

    dokster Guest

    Hey all.

    I'm trying to backup Simcity 4. I think I've successfully created the image, however, I'm having problems burning the image back onto CDR.

    I've read through the newbie guide(s), and have determined that the protection on the program is safedisc 2.8. I'm using a 1 sheep burner (TDK Velocity 121032) thus, I didn't mess with anything. I've only made the burn with the Safedisc 2 datatype inside Alcohol 120%.

    In any case, after the burn, the CDR appears fine (ie, its not a coaster). On installation, however, I get problems that it can't read certain files. Choosing to ignore all errors, I finally get the game installed -- but it crashes when I execute it.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has successfully backed up Simcity 4 -- and hoping for a few suggestions on where I may have gone wrong.


    [bold] update: just performed the process through Fireburner, following the walkthrough found elsewhere in this forum. This time, I get no errors during installation, but the game still refuses to run. Certain files were copied to hard-disk, but the files were invalid. I assume this is because of the protection.

    I know that some burners just can't successfully backup the newer protections. I'm just curious if there are any people out there w/ my burner (TDK121032) and have successfully made backups of safedisc 2.8. Thanks!

    Nother update: Found some posts regarding the same thing. I tried again with CloneCD (w/ HideCDR and AWS enabled). This time, I still get errors during installation.

    If this is all because of my burner, I have a second downstairs (Iomega 16/10/40). I haven't been able to find the drive on CloneCD's website to determine if its 1 sheep or 2 sheep. But, if that drive may work better, I'll try it downstairs. Otherwise, if its just a hopeless case, then I give up. Thanks again
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  2. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Many newer games are on the "blacklist" while attempting to play the backup with emulation. The best option here is to use Daemon Tools (Virtual DVD-CD-Rom Emulator). After installing set the drives to 2 and check Safedisc and Laserlock emulation and see if you can install and play the game m8. [bold] Both [/bold] cd's are Safedisc 2.8.x cd protected.

    Shoey :)
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