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Site Admins, Forums, IP Adresses.......QUESTION

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by DreadMe, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. DreadMe

    DreadMe Guest

    How difficult is it to trace a computer's IP address?
    Reason being my buddy has an interesting scenario playing out, and I don't have the answers.
    He started a general free forum, like this one in theory (NOT ANY ISSUES HERE) an open forum discussing matters of job relations. Contracts, rantings, rumors etc. He is the sites administrator, he used another email addy, not his regular one, one made up and thru hotmail(not his regular mail service).
    He himself only posted items of relevance, ones easily checked, and verified, not so much rumors. NOTHING SLANDEROUS OR LIBEL.
    He received a phone call last week, from his union, claiming they heard about the site, and some of the writings on it were, in their words, "border line defamatory, and the like".
    Which, if read, are nowhere near such.
    He admitted knowing about the site, and reading, but made no inference as to he being the admin.
    The Union claimed that the job, management, was going to look into it, try to get search warrants to track IP addresses. And "nab" the person's responsible.
    The union went on to ramble about that if he was involved, not to speak with management if they called, that the union would get a attorney, etc.
    Real scare type tactics. He at first was a little concerned, but not overly. His wife got more nervous.
    Is it simply that the writings by all the other posters got somebody's attention, and maybe they don't want the bad press?
    He's a bit concerned, but claims he won't be cornered into admitting anything.
    It's basically like this No Holds Barred section, dealing only with JOB RELATED ISSUES.
    Any thoughts
  2. Shad

    Shad Regular member

    Aug 3, 2003
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  3. DreadMe

    DreadMe Guest

    Yes, thanks for the insight as well.
    I spoke with him this morning. It appears there was another call from the union.
    This time the union called and said that the two parties that were mentioned on the site "were looking into a libel suit", and they contacted a major NY law firm and that the law firm said they had a case and would handle it pro-bono.
    Now I know first hand that my friend did not write any of the remarks in question, and I did infact visit the forum, and had an opportunity to read ALL the posts. I did not read ANYTHING that one would construe as libel.
    He only started the forum as an informational, entertainment type forum. Sort of like the NHB section, only job orientated.
    There was even a section referring to the March Madness tourney!!
    The posts in question were:
    One Chief was alluded to being an "empty suit",
    and another was questioned as to her "claim to fame" for rising to the "top". And another remarked that she was promoted due to "diversity" in the workplace.
    No kidding aside, these are the posts that are in question.
    Everything else on the site referred to the contract, the contract that was offered another agency, and pension changes, or requests for a new pension. That was it!!
    Now he was asked who wrote those posts, does he know who these people are.
    Only that he definately had visited the site, read comments, etc.
    The union rep claims that all "they" simply need is a subpoena from the DA's office for the internet provider to open up their information and get the users names and addresses. REMIND you...This is all heresay as to him being the sites administrator. He NEVER admitted to being such, nor partaking in the site.
    So there we have it. First amendment rights....do not exist here.
    Again he felt it was better to simply close out the site, walk away.
    He did not make any copies of any postings.
    And he did have all disclaimers written as headers and footers to the site.
    The most important thing is he DID NOT use work computers. All was done from his home.
    Side Note: The only way I could figure out as to how they would think of him, was that many of the names emailed (from another seperate, phony, account) were similar to those he would email about various non related issues. Pools, sports, games etc. But I told him anyone could get ahold of a list like that by simply receiving a forwarded email that contains all those names. It did not HAVE to come from you!
    If you are genuinely interested, I don't want to bore anyone, I will track this and post as it plays out.
    Figured it has some correlation, albeit a little, to sites like this.
    GOD BLESS the USA. "Unless you work where we do
  4. Prisoner

    Prisoner Guest

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