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Slayers Help! (sorry sort of long post)

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by TLM_11, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. TLM_11

    TLM_11 Guest

    Whasup! Newbie here, and I have a question regarding slayers. First what I have:

    - xbox with 120gb HDD
    - X2 chip installed
    - slayers 2.1 installed

    My question is regarding backing up games to the HDD. When using slayers I use the program that comes with it to back up games (I think px HDD loader)to the xbox such as Halo or Soul Calibur 2, and shows the game located on my HDD. When i try and actually play the game however, it says loading in the bottom right corner, and then reboots to the original slayers dashboard. I used boxplorer and it shows the game is in the (F:/ ) folder. The bios I have right now is 4976.02 so I'm under the impression that it's not my bios setting.
    What gives??
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  2. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    What version of PXHDDLoader are you using? Try v1.2 if your not using it or even DVD2Xbox to back up the games.
  3. TLM_11

    TLM_11 Guest

    Could u point me in the direction that I could start looking for either of those programs, whether it be IRC or otherwise? Finding a lot of dead end leads for both of them.
  4. TLM_11

    TLM_11 Guest

    I found something else out, and I wanted to know if this may be the problem. I put back in my slayers disc and booted up XBOX BIOS CHECKER.

    the display says that for both 256k and 512k that the bios is unknown. Does this mean despite the fact that it says I have a bios on the slayers dashboard which says BIOS X2 4976.02

    I want to know if I really have a bios set up on the dashboard or not, and if I don't I would assume that this is the reason why I can't play any games.

    If this is the case then could anyone please direct me where I can download:

    - the new 4977 bios for the X2 chip
    - hdd loader 1.2 / dvd2xbox

    Lastly, I would suppose there is a tutorial for flashing the xbox/modchip, but I suppose I could use what's already on the Slayer CD right?

    A link to a website or IRC would help ALOT!!!!
    I know that someone has an answer!!! Please PM me.
  5. GetModded

    GetModded Guest

    You bios is unknown because the Bios Checker App is older than the bios on your chip. Not a big deal.
    You can find all the files on #xbins.

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