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Softmod Tutorial! (My Way)

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by raptor190, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. raptor190

    raptor190 Guest

    First Im going to teach how I softed modded my xbox and how i FTP.

    First u need Action replay (you can get this at gamestop or ebgames).

    U will also need a game called Tom Clancy's Splinters cell like 2 dollars used and u can get this a electronic or gaming store.

    U also need a Crossover Cable (Not an Ethernet cable)

    U also need Flash fxp google it for a download

    Next you need to connect the usb device to your computer and install the device and the proper driver.

    After that you will need the CD you got in the action replay case. Pop that in your computer and install the Action replay program.

    Next Insert the memory card to the usb device. After that you will need to get some saves online for Tom Clancy's Splinters cell. U will need a softmod installer.U will need the two saves the softmod installer and the save for the game.

    You can get these saves at Codejunkies.com or a modding site like Se7en sins. U need to download these saves and open^ The action replay program.

    Then you will need to drag the 2 saves into the section called memory card. After your done that take the memory card out of the device and insert it into your xbox controller.

    Boot your xbox with no game and go to memory and go to the memory card and copy the saves to your harddrive.

    After that you can unplug you memory card and put Tom Clancy's Splinters cell game in the drive and shut it. When it loads go to lunix...Checkpoints.

    It will take you to some kind of menu. U will need to create a Eporom backup. When thats finished u will have to create a Ms backup. When thats finished go to install soft mod and let it do its thing then i will ask if you want a dual boot or somtin else just choose dual boot for NTSC xboxs.

    Then it will ask EvolutionX or UnleashX or might say Avaluanch. I highly recommend EvolutionX because ive been using it for 2 years and had no problem.

    After that it will install the soft mod and it will need to be patched it will automaticly patch it and you will Have to reboot your xbox. It will say some stuff just press a and it will finish everything.

    Then it will take you to your Modded Dash.
    Go back to lunix...Checkpoints in Tom clancy's and ur in the menu again. Go to Network settings and change the settings to static...
    Change you ip to then change subnet to

    After that change your gateway to
    then go to save settings at the bottom.

    Reboot and youl be in your modded dash go to coonfiguration and network settings and change the ip to and make the subnet and gateway the same as before then save changes and reboot.

    Connect your crossover cable to your xbox and the ethernet port in the back of you pc (spot where you connect your high speed internet cable to).

    After that you will need a ftp program like Flash fxp you can get this download off the internet just google download flashfxp.

    Then you have to go to control pannel and then network and internet connections and show all connections.
    Once your there right click the port you connected the crossover cable to. click properties then click internet protocal and click propertiesthen change the ip to and change the subnet and gateway to the same as your xboxs.

    Then click ok and then click okay on the ports window and close every window. Then open up Flash fxp and click quick connect and type the host as the username and password are both xbox and then click connect


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  2. mikeismad

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    Feb 19, 2007
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    ok well, this would be nice if we didnt have like 1200 tutorials on this, and if you actually typed like a human, not some l33t n00b :)

    btw this is hardware not software...
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