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Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by haxzorz, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. haxzorz

    haxzorz Member

    Mar 19, 2007
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    Hi, i decided to make a guide to add to the hundreds of them on this sight, but i'm going to try to add more detail for people who are complete noobs, and no nothing about computers.

    Note: u can be banned for modding on xbox live, and i'm not responsible if something happens to your xbox (it probaly won't)

    1) Requirements: Action Replay (also known as AR) note: it can be original or max version

    2) Splinter Cell: Stealth Action redefined or 007 Agent Under Fire, or a old version of mechassault (i suggest not using mechassault, it can sometimes be hard to get the old old version)

    3) An xbox (duh)

    4) Also, your going to need Win Rar, to get this go to www.download.com and in the search bar, search Win Rar, download that.

    5) softmod installer for modding, they can be found at www.rapidshare.com/files/8338270/sid.4.0.nkave.edition.xbox-hq.rar.html

    (NOTE: That has files for all games, everything u need, if ur having trouble with rapidshare, heres a mini guide: scroll down, u will see a chart thing, at bottom of that click free, then u gotta wait for a timer, after, u will see a list of diffrent ways to download them, ignore that, just scroll down and it will say a code in weird letters, type that in and download the files :)

    1)If u haven't downloaded the files on ur action replay, do that now, just put the disk in and install.

    2)connect ur action replay adapter to your usb link, then put ur action replay chip on it.

    3) bring up your action replay program, (its a black screen with green trimming)

    4) Ok, this is were lots of people mess up, open up the win.rar folder with the files in,(the one i gave u a link to), to open these go to "My Documents" or wherever u saved it, it should have a icon of three books beside it...Open these files...once opened, put them to your desktop.

    5) Now have your action replay program open, and drag the files u put onto the desktop into your action replay do this by holding click button on the icon and moving it into the "memory card" section of ur action replay)btw, theres files on there for all the games, so only put on the ones u need, if ur using mech, put only mech files on, etc...to find out which files they are click once and look at what it says ~~~NOTE~~~~ if your using splinter cell, there is NTSC and PAL, ONLY USE ONE!!! if your in Canada, use the NTSC one, if your anywhere else in the world, use PAL

    6) good, now u should have your files onto your action replay, once u done that, go to ur xbox, put action replay memory card into ur controller, and turn on xbox with ur disk slot open, or no game in it so u can get onto dashboard. once ur on dashboard, go to memory, click left on control pad, and click A (thats to acces ur action replay memory card) , now u will see the files that u put on ur action replay, click on them and download them on ur xbox.

    7) Almost there :) ok, now that the programs are on ur xbox, shut it off, and put the game your using in. (mechassault, 007 or splinter cell)

    8) For splinter cell, once the game is on go to Start Game and click the profile called "LINUX", then press the A button 2 times...

    For Mechassault, go to campaign, click Run Linux...please note when u have run linux highlighted, make sure it says:

    Controls: normal
    Difficulty: regular
    Current Level: going down hard

    If that does not show up, then your version of mechassault is to new and will not work, so get 007 or splinter cell.

    For 007, go to load mission, then select the Xbox Hard Disk option

    9) u should now have the mod installer loaded! :D
    it should be like a grey sort of backround, looks like ice to me and should have a list of things to do.

    10) This a key step! now that installer is loaded, go to CREATE MS BACKUP... this is incase u want to uninstall ur softmod for some reason, once your there, click install backup (it says something like that) after, scroll down and click "back to main menu" (MS stands for microsoft if u didn't know),

    11) once ur back at the menu, scroll down to "install softmod"
    now some stuff should come up. this is what u gotta do:

    A)click dual boot for either NTSC or PAL, whichever 1 u are, remember, its NTSC for Canada, and PAL for anywhere else in the world.

    B)click knaves Ndure

    C)choose the installation for EvolutionX or UnleashX, i use evolutionX, its my favorite, UnleashX is good for novice modders.

    12) three messages will pop up, read them if u want, then press A, on the 3rd message it will say: All requirements pass, continue install? Click YES.

    13) Press eject, take out ut disk, close the tray, then shut it back off, then turn it back on, once on, it will say "softmod successful", then it says it needs one more step to install. press A.

    14) After it is finished installing everything, your xbox will automatically reboot and your new modded dashboard will come up,

    heres a few tips:

    if u want to go to ur Microsoft dashboard, just press eject and leave the disk slot out...if u want on modded dash, have the slot shut with no game in it.

    Note: if u can't go on xbox live when u try, go back to ur modded dashboard, go to network setting and change Static IP to NO

    Well, thats about it, if u have any questions, just post here, i will gladly answer them.
  2. haxzorz

    haxzorz Member

    Mar 19, 2007
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    BTW, if u need any programs like dothalo or .NetFramework 2.0, just let me know, i can hook u up :)

  3. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

    NTSC for Canada, the USA, Japan, some parts of Africa and the Middle East, and some South American countries.. Check for your specific locality. The only softmod that this matters for is Krayzies Ndure Splinter Cell.. which has 2 different versions. Using the wrong one doesn't usually do any harm, it just won't complete.

    Remember to back up your eeprom off the xbox as soon as possible.. put it with a complete set of dash files on a cd or something and put it away somewhere safe.

    That was the right .net framework version then?.. good, I wasn't sure it was the right link earlier ;-)
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