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some sort of saved games for the xbox (1st gen xbox)?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Games' started by aromes, May 23, 2006.

  1. aromes

    aromes Guest

    Sorry if the question is too basic:

    on the psp, I can download some game saves that let me jump to unlockable steps of a given game.

    Can I do the same thing on the xbox: where can I find some xbox saved games on the internet and how to transfer them to my xbox (with no need of any modification to the xbox).

    Thanks a lot

    (I am particularly searching saved games of Need for Speed Underground for the xbox...god, that game is fun but I am unable to unlock anything..so the need of a saved game solution)
  2. theridges

    theridges Guest

    you can use action replay to transfer the gamesave search google for the gamesave i think there is a site call xboxsaves or something similar out there.....

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