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Someone please help!!!

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by EseAzteca, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. EseAzteca

    EseAzteca Guest

    Hi everyone...don't know if this the right spot, but it's several problems in one and i guess this would be the place for a newbie like myself...i don't know if my problem is the discs i'm using, the software, the burner or the dvd player...

    after i burn vob files and try to play them on my dvd player, the movie cannot be read by the dvd player...it will try to read the disc and then it will just say, this type of disc cannot be played...

    I used dvd decrypter, dvd shrink
    i use Nero Ultra Edition with the updates
    i use a Pioneer 108
    i use Ridata DVD-R 8x discs purchased from meritline (branded and matte G05's)
    burning speed 8x

    problem has occured before the Nero updates and after...

    i'm frustrated with all of the coasters...i can make 3 copies before one will actually work...i noticed that when i use a different program to burn iso or img files the discs work fine...when i use Nero to make a disc to disc copy, the movie will stop all of a sudden, but if i use a different program to burn disc to disc it will be okay...it would lead me to believe that i have a problem with Nero, but i've made tons and tons of other movies before and i didn't have the problem until now...thanks to all...
  2. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    do yourself a favour and get the new version nero! v6608a, even use the nero get rid tool from nero website...first uninstall old nero you have then use nero tool then install new version...

    also why use nero? as you only need 2 apps!

    as dvdshrink will output to dvd decrypter to burn! and why do copy of copy just keep the iso from shrink and make a copy off that each time

    or if you dont have an iso use dvd decrypter to read iso and write iso of the copy!
  3. Bruce999

    Bruce999 Regular member

    Mar 30, 2005
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    You do not say what kind of DVD player (standalone, I presume) you are trying to play these on.

    You do know that some standalones have problems with DVD-Rs, while oothers have problems with DVD+Rs, don't you? Especially the older ones. Have you checked to see if this could be the issue?

    The website DVDRHelp.com has a nice section where you can research any DVD player, and see what others report about the ability to play the various types of media (including VCD, S-VCD, CD-R, CD+R, and even DIVX.)

    Not certain if this is the problem in your case, but it is worth checking, to be sure. I have one player that rarely can handle a DVD-R. I have another that almost never can handle any DVD+R, but it plays any DVD-Rs like a champ. (A two year old Toshiba). It has played more than 500 DVD-Rs, so far.

    Where I work, we have a player that usually will not play EITHER DVD-Rs, or DVD+Rs. It's a Toshiba SDV392. Yet, this player WILL play a VCD (!)

    Worth checking, to eliminate as a possibility.

    -Bruce in Chi-Town
  4. EseAzteca

    EseAzteca Guest

    the stand alone dvd player will play all kinds of dvd-r and dvd+r...the problem just started...i've used thousands of ridata discs in the past and this problem just started to happen...it began with matte discs, so i switched to branded and still the same thing...by the way...i made a mistake, my Nero was and with the update it's now don't know if it's the discs, nero or my burner has finally had it...i doubt it's the burner because it will burn everything else (data, iso, img) easily, but whenever i need to burn vob files i run into the problem...thanks to all....
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